Concept Corner- May 9th, 2020

Hi Everybody. Steve back with another Concept Corner. We don't have any further updates other than everything is going smoothly for our May 22nd timeline. All that being said, let's get into the set of concepts that we're gonna be doing today, six in total!

To the concepts!

Danny F- Columbus Blue Jackets
Our First concept comes from Danny with a little twist on the inaugural jersey for the Blue Jackets and I must say that the green accent stripe actually adds to this design overall. it really brings more attention to the striping and numbers than the white did. Other than that, I do see that your crest logo on the front has some pixel issues as well as the numbers and, overall, this has only minor changes but the alternate logo looks good on the front of this jersey.
Overall: C

Danny F- Pittsburgh Penguins
Our second design from Danny is a simple logo swap from the "Skating Penguin" to the 90's "Robo-pen" and, I must say that the logo doesn't look too bad on the front of this jersey design. My issues with this is that, typically, we look for a little more creativity in the concepts we receive. also, the Crest logo looks huge on the front of the jersey so please be aware of the size of the logo when it comes to designing. As for the rest of the design, it would be nice to see you change up the numbers or shoulder logos on this design.
Overall: C

Quinn Z- St. Louis Blue 1
 Our first Blues concept from Quinn uses yellow as the primary color and, I must admit, the yellow looks really good with that blue. Also, the Fleur De Lis pattern in the blue stripe is a nice touch to the City of St. Louis. Overall, the color balance works well on this jersey. My only negative is that you cut the waist stripe right before the numbers, giving the jersey an uneven feel to it. you could've successfully made it all the way around the jersey or pulled a Florida Panthers and did it only on the font.
Overall: B+

Quinn Z- St. Louis Blue 2
 Quinn's Second Blues jersey is a design that pays homage to one of the best Blues jerseys in history. Don't agree? Too bad. I like this design because you brought the Trumpet logo front and center on the jersey, yet the jersey itself doesn't look like a copy of the 90's jersey but has the overall feel of it. the thin yellow stripes with the two thicker red stripes looks great and the choice of using the current colors and a darker red really compliment the design!
Overall: A+

Quinn Z- St. Louis Blue Primary Set

Quinn's Final Set today is a primary set for the Blues and I must say it was a good choice going back to the original set and matching the white jersey. While I am a fan of the yoke on the jersey, the white jersey looks much cleaner as a mach to the blue jersey. Overall, good choice on this.
Overall: A

That's all I got for you folks. Come back next week for more great concepts!

Concept Corner- May 9th, 2020 Reviewed by Steve M on May 09, 2020 Rating: 5

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