Concept Corner-May 16th, 2020

Hi everyone. Steve here for a third week bringing you more great concepts for this weeks Concept Corner!

We don't really have much to report on the update front other than just doing all the finishing touches so let's get into the concepts!

Quinn Z- Dallas Stars Alternate 1
Our First concept is Quinn's Green alternate jersey for the Stars and this whole jersey works really well and the logo you created fits well on the front of the jersey. the retro style star within the D looks like something that could've come from the 60's or 70's and the gold accents on the uniform overall are really nice. I only have one gripe and that would be the use of white pants as white pants show every knick and mark that gets on them and it's an odd choice instead of going green or even the old gold. Other than that, great job
Overall: B+

Quinn Z- Dallas Stars Alternate 2 
 Next up is Quinn's second alternate for the Stars which plays off of the classic 90's jersey that the Stars won a cup in. Going with  the classic logo was a good choice but, in all honesty, the jersey doesn't have as strong of a design when the green and black are reversed. Also, the numbers pressing up against the striping on the back is bothersome.
Overall: B-

Quinn Z- Dallas Stars Primary

The next two Concepts are the primary set for the Stars designed by Quinn. A lot of bold choices you made on this. Going with the Winter Classic logo on the front of the jersey and giving it a Negative space effect was a clever and eye-catching design choice with the waist stripe and arm stripes. the jersey being primarily black works well with that negative space and helps draw out the accent colors but it really tones down the green and gold when put near each other. What can get confusing is the sublimated star pattern in the waist and arm striping as it starts to give this jersey and All Star style feel to it. I'm not sure that it improves the design as much but it doesn't hurt it either.
Overall: B

Danny F- Minnesota Wild 
Our Final concept is Danny's final design to us and I have to say that the original wordmark logo of the wild instead of the main logo works well on the white jersey but just feels out of place on the dark jersey. Again, I'd also like to see a little more creativity from you on these designs and these have good foundations.
Overall: C+

That's all the concepts we have for you guys today. Come back next week for more concepts from the Concept Corner!
Concept Corner-May 16th, 2020 Reviewed by Steve M on May 16, 2020 Rating: 5

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