An Update on JNP...

Hello everyone. I'm Steve, semi-longtime writer and contributor to the Jersey Nerds Podcast (then Hockey Jersey Concepts) and new admin of the website. I'm writing this post today because we here at JNP feel that it's time to unveil everything that we've been working on since our big shake up in October of 2019.

Speaking of that, this all started when our founder and former admin, Ryan, decided he wanted to step away from running the podcast and website and, after the other contributors and I offered to take it over, we decided to make some changes that we feel help improve on what we can bring to you. Some of the things that we decided on changing was:

  • Forming positions and giving all contributors a specialization of function on the website (pretty boring, but necessary stuff if you ask me)
  • Bringing back Concepts in a single, weekly post. That's going to be done by Sean (Jets96) and Justin. The first post should show up on the blogger website this week. News articles and opinion posts will be added to the website
  • The podcast has two new, full-time contributors in Hunter and Chris. We're also working on re-doing the all the music on the podcasts and modifying the current format. The first podcast will be available in the next week or two.
  • Moving the website from our blogger format (the blogger website will still be available for archival purposes) to Wordpress. We're planning on having that up in the next two to three weeks.
These are just the immediate changes you guys are going to see. we intend to do much more and would love to hear any ideas on improvement for JNP. If you feel that you have something that could benefit the us or would like to get involved any positions we may have open, feel free to reach out to our new email at jerseynerdsmedia@gmail.com or reach out to us on our twitter acct @JerseyNerdsPod.

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