Jersey Nerds Podcast - 085 - Matt Cullen's NHL Jerseys

Matt Cullen retired this summer from the NHL and this gives the Jersey Nerds a great chance to look at all of the jerseys he wore throughout his 21 seasons in the league.

All of the jersey illustrations come from the invaluable resource, NHLuniforms.com. We were able to follow his career by looking at his page on Hockeydb.com. And his jersey numbers were learned by simple Google image searches.

1997-98 to 2002-03


Matt Cullen started his career playing for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. He initially wore #45, then took #11 when he became a more established player, and by the end of his time in Anaheim he was wearing #17

ANA jerseys worn
- classic eggplant & jade home & road
- Nike alternate jerseys, home & road

2002-03 to 2003-04


In 2003 Cullen was traded to the Florida Panthers and started wearing #16. The next season he switched back to #17, as he had worn with Anaheim.

FLA jerseys worn
- original blue jersey and white jersey with leaping panther logo
- red alternate jersey with leaping panther logo breaking a stick



After playing the lockout season in Italy Matt Cullen joined the Carolina Hurricanes and won his first Stanley Cup. He wore #8 during this championship season, which was hist first of two stints in Carolina.

CAR jerseys worn
- original home & road Hurricanes jerseys



Another single season with one team, Cullen played for the New York Rangers. He wore #5 for his season in New York.

NYR jerseys worn
- classic Rangers home and away jerseys with collar laces
- Navy Lady Liberty alternate jersey

2007-08 to 2009-10


After a year with the Rangers Cullen went back to play with the Hurricanes and took back his #8 jersey. The difference this time was that the Reebok Edge jersey system was now in place.

CAR jerseys worn
- original Edge home & road jerseys with phantom shoulder yokes
- original black Edge alternate jersey



During this season Matt Cullen was traded to the Ottawa Senators. He was given (or chose) #7 when he joined the team

OTT jerseys worn
- Edge home & road sweater
- black alternate with SENS script across the front

2010-11 to 2012-13


Cullen joined his home state Minnesota Wild for the next three seasons. He would keep his #7 from his Ottawa days.

MIN jerseys worn
- red home jersey with green triceps area
- white road jersey with long green sleeves and wordmark shoulder patch
- green alternate jersey with script logo on front

2013-14 to 2014-15


The next stop was in Nashville. Matt Cullen would again wear #7, which he would continue to wear for the remainder of his career.

NSH jerseys worn
- Reebok Edge gold home jersey and white road jersey.

2015-16 to 2016-17


Matt Cullen became a three time Stanley Cup champion by playing the next two seasons with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He won the Cup in both of those years.

PIT jerseys worn
- Edge templated black and vegas home jersey
- Edge template white and vegas road jersey
- Edge retro 90's Penguins black jersey and white jersey
- Yellow 2017 Stadium Series jersey



Matt returned to the Minnesota Wild for the second time in 2017. This was the first season for the new NHL Adidas sweaters.

MIN jerseys worn
- MIN Adidas green home with chest stripe
- MIN white jersey with square shoulder yokes



For his final season Matt Cullen came back to the Pittsburgh Penguins. He finished his career having played 21 seasons for 8 different teams. He wore 7 different jersey numbers in the NHL and played in 32 different jerseys. He returned to teams he previously had played for three times. (Carolina, Minnesota, & Pittsburgh)

PIT jerseys worn
- Adidas 90's style home and road jerseys
- PIT yellow alternate jersey
- 2019 Stadium Series black jersey

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Throwback Throwdown is a Whalers vs Whalers battle. The champion, 1983 green Hartford Whalers jersey, takes on its ancestor. The opponent this week is a 1979 WHA New England Whaler jersey.

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