2019 Stadium Series Jerseys

On Tuesday the 2019 Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series jersey leaked on Twitter via @cory_reid to Sportslogos.net.

The Penguins jersey is all black with broad gold stripes on the arms and a thin gold stripe on the hem. The oversized outdoor game TV numbers are also gold. We likely can assume the numbers on the back are the same.

The Flyers jersey (which leaked a few weeks earlier) is an orange jersey with a broad black arm stripe and black cuffs. The hem of the jersey is also black. The collar is a standard Adidas Climalite collar and it's also black. We can't see in the pictures yet, but again I think a safe assumption would be that we'll see black numbers and a black namebar with the name in orange.

I would guess that the 2019 game is intended to be somewhat of a reverse of the 2017 game. In 2017, Pittsburgh wore gold uniforms while Philadelphia wore black. In 2019, Philly gets to wear their primary colour (orange) and the Penguins will be in black.

I also can't help but notice that the Pittsburgh jersey for the 2019 game has a very similar look to Philadelphia's 2017 jersey. I could have accepted this idea if the Flyers didn't look so good in their 2017 jerseys to the point that they adopted them into their full-time set as an alternate.

While the 2014 and 2015 games tried to bring about "modern" jersey designs, it seems that the Stadium Series uniforms have become more simplistic since. As a fan myself of more classic looking jerseys I would tend to lean more in favour of those designs. However, these 2019 designs have gone too far and I find them to be a bit more boring than other Stadium Series sweaters.

After the 2019 Stadium Series game is completed I would really like to see Adidas go back to the drawing board for the 2020 game in Colorado Springs. I would love to see something modern while still acknowledging the basic hockey sweater design that has worked for decades.

I feel like Adidas (and Reebok in previous years) has made an attempt to move away from the "modern" designs of the first two Stadium Series years. However these may have gone too far. I find them to be boring, but also at the same time I don't want to find them boring. I want these to have some character! I can hope that this is all part of the process of the Stadium Series finding its spot when it comes to specialty jerseys.

Penguins Stadium Series jersey rating:  5/10

Flyers Stadium Series jersey rating:  4/10

I know that there are people out there who like these jerseys, so let's hear what you have to say in the comments below. There also have to be people who are underwhelmed like I am and we want to hear those comments as well. Some of the comments left may be read on episode #65 of the Jersey Nerds Podcast (available Feb 2nd)

2019 Stadium Series Jerseys Reviewed by Ryan on January 30, 2019 Rating: 5

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