Michigan and Notre Dame Take It Outdoors - 2019

Yesterday Notre Dame hosted the University of Michigan for an outdoor game at Notre Dame Stadium. The event's title was listed as "Lets Take It Outside 2019". Michigan won the game 4-2 in front of 23,000 plus fans.

As has become common place for the outdoor games, both teams wore special uniforms. We will take a look at what both teams brought with them to this game and then we'll be looking for your reaction.


Photo: Michigan Hockey Twitter
Michigan wore uniforms which they titled their #WinterWhites (great hashtag!). It's a white jersey, socks, pants, and gloves. There are maize stripes outlined in navy across the chest and arms of the jersey. The pattern repeats itself on the socks and a single stripe that is outlined is on either side of the pants. Nike was the manufacturer of Michigan's jerseys. The player numbers and names were navy with a maize outline and the numbers appeared on the back of the jerseys as well as TV numbers on the arms. The event logo patch was on the left shoulder of the jersey. The classic navy blue block M logo was used as the primary crest.


Photo: Michael Caterina
The hosts wore navy sweaters and socks. Gold pants, gloves, and helmets completed the look. Two gold stripes were on the arms and hem of the jerseys and repeated on the socks. The Fighting Irish used an arched seriffed block font in white for their wordmark on the front of the jerseys with the players' number just below that. The classic interlocking ND logo was on each shoulder of the jersey. Notre Dame went with just numbers on their jerseys, no players names. The event logo was placed on the back of their jerseys just under the collar. Under Armour was the manufacturer.

Photo: Michael Caterina
As a Maple Leafs fan both jerseys come across as inspired by the Buds. Michigan's sweaters were reminiscent of Toronto's 2018 Stadium Series jerseys and Notre Dame's jerseys looked like the Leafs sweaters of 2010.

I thought Notre Dame's jerseys were dull. The gold equipment, especially the helmets, looked great, however the plain wordmark and numbers really didn't allow this sweater to stand out. The navy laces on the collar got lost in the navy jersey and did not factor in to the overall look.

Photo: Michael Caterina
The shoulder patches seemed oversized,but for such an iconic logo I thought that was a good idea. Placing the event logo on the back just under the collar seemed like an odd choice though.

Photo: Notre Dame Hockey Twitter
(Rating - 6/10)

Michigan's entire uniform was excellent! I loved that they called them their #WinterWhites and that they went all out with white gloves and pants. Michigan also made a good call by going with their classic helmets instead of choosing white helmets, which would be very tempting for other teams to do.

Photo: Michigan Hockey Twitter
Their colours really popped on a mostly white jersey and they were used minimally, but very effectively. The classic M logo with a standard block font for the player numbers really added a sense of class to the uniform. Michigan also scores bonus points for taking the time to publish photos of their uniform, while Notre Dame seemed to neglect this.

Photo: Andrew Knapik

(Rating - 8.5/10)

What did you guys think of these outdoor jerseys? Did Notre Dame miss the mark? Is Michigan pulling off the all white look? Let us know in the comments below.

Michigan and Notre Dame Take It Outdoors - 2019 Reviewed by Ryan on January 06, 2019 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I was lucky enough to witness this game live, Michigan looked great in the white uniforms but I Think it would have looked nicer with Maize pants like te football team wears. As much as I hate to admit it, Notre dame also looked pretty sharp, but tv numbers would have been helpful.

Alan John Herbert said...

Michigan's set would have been the best, but those white pants ruin it for me. If Notre Dame had TV numbers on the arms, it would be an awesome set.

Tederifico said...

I disagree with Alan. That Michigan set is stellar. Great without the white pants...BETTER WITH!

Thank goodness is isn't after Labour Day.

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