2019 AHL All-Star Game Jerseys Revealed!

On Wednesday CCM and the AHL revealed the jerseys that will be worn for the 2019 AHL All-Star Classic in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The event will once again use four jerseys to represent the four divisions in the league. The jerseys will use colours from both the league's and the host team's (Springfield Thunderbirds) colour palettes. All of the uniforms follow the same template, which is common for All-Star games.

All of the jerseys will have squared shoulder yokes. A single colour broad stripe has been applied to the arms and intersects 3 stars on each sleeve. The colour of the star changes to white when it meets the arm stripe. A thin stripe, matching the colour of the arm stripe, runs along the hem of each jersey.

Rather than have each players' team logo on the jersey, each division has their own shield logo made for this event. The divisional logos are on the right shoulder and the All-Star patch is on the left.

The retro inspired AHL wordmark that was used last year in Utica returns again this year. Player numbers will be a single colour, standard block font.

One of the final touches is the new CCM Quiklite collar, which is a lace-up collar for this season. The "hanger effect" says TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE. On the back of the jersey, just under the collar, will be the CCM Quiklite branding.

Personally, I love these jerseys. I love classic style jerseys and these jerseys show me that it's still possible to make great looking classic jersey! The simple stripes on the arms greatly benefit from the stars on the sleeves. The single colour numbers work really well because of the single colour yokes. The retro AHL crest fits in with the entire look of the jersey without looking outdated, or looking like it's retro for retro sake. I would have liked for the players' team logos to appear somewhere on the jersey, but not at the expense of the division logos. Maybe that would crowd the jersey and ruin everything? I'm not a fan of the CCM Quiklite lace-up collar across the entire league and that doesn't change here. Overall another great set of All-Star jerseys from the AHL and CCM!

Rating:  9 / 10

Feedback came in from HJC Staffers and overall it was positive!

SEAN:  "Very similar to last years, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, wish there was a light blue jersey to use Springfield's colour scheme to the fullest. Second year in a row AHL does it better than NHL"

COREY:  "The collar insert says “Tradition of Excellence”, which is fitting because the AHL has come out with another great set of ASG jerseys. They’re consistently better than the NHL ASG jersey over the past few years"

STEVE:  "This year and last year have been a perfect example of how the AHL takes elements from previous All-Star jerseys that look great “classic AHL script, traditional striping, and stars on the jersey” and add in a modern touch with the CCM collar. Personally, I think this is a better use of the collar than what other teams use so 9/10"

We want to hear what you guys think of these jerseys. Let us know your opinions in the comments section. What do you like? What sucks? Give us your ratings! The best comments will be shared this Tuesday on the Jersey Nerds Podcast.

* All photos are from the AHL website *
2019 AHL All-Star Game Jerseys Revealed! Reviewed by Ryan on January 17, 2019 Rating: 5

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