Wednesday: Phillin In

As is traditional to spell it with a "PH" in honor of our former Wednesday writer, Steve's here filling in for Justin while he prepares for his finals. Since I was going to talk about this on Sunday, I figure now would be a better time to do so instead of give you guys the bare minimum.

I'd like to talk about the NHL and their draft logos over the years. The reason why is because I think that the NHL has done a great job of balancing a custom logo for a major event to represent the host city, while having a element that ties it to previous Draft logos that gives it a specific brand feel.

Since the 2010 draft, the NHL has used the word "DRAFT" in a similar style font, with three bars below that include the city name and end with three stars on the right. The only time since 2010 that the NHL has slightly deviated from that was during the draft in Chicago in 2017 as the logo put emphasis on the 100th anniversary of the NHL. Other than that element, the logos have been unique to each city. They all have a different shape with elements that tie the logo to the City and/or region that the Draft is being held.

Compared to how most leagues have handled event logos, such as the NFL with the Super Bowl logo, I think the NHL has done a great job of balancing both individuality and repetitive elements in the Draft logos.

HJC wise, we still have the entry phase going on for the ASG competition so get those in before Friday at noon. Also, don't forget to vote for the COTW and COTW-November.

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Okay Let's get to the concepts!

Adam G- Trump Force One
Positives: This is the first concept I've ever had of a private jet so good job with that. As for the jersey itself, I'm not normally a fan of the split jersey but this works really well with the red as the dividing color and the gold for the crest text and numbers.
Negatives: It's a cardinal sin to make white pants and, while I understand why, they just look strange with the jersey and socks. As for the jersey, I get that you are copying the design of the plane but the white bottom just looks bad for how high it is on the waist. make it a little less even to give it a better feel because you normally see more of the black than the white when you look at the plane.
Overall: 7.5/10

Ethan B- 2019 Stadium Series 
Positives: I like the idea of doing a color rush style game. I think the NHL teams could make it work. Starting with the penguins, I love that you went back to the old gradient stripping on the chest and arms. It's always been a unique design and, while it seems dated, it could work. As for the flyers, The changing colors of the light to dark gray on the hem and arms works great with the flyers old "modern" style logo as well as the black stripe on the arms to give it that classic look, much like the edge alternate they used from their second Winter Classic.
Negatives: A few negatives here. For the penguins, I think going with yellow wasn't the best option. I say this because you're pairing it with a color right next to it on the color wheel and Black would be a better contrast. Also, going with a yoke that has to different sides to it just doesn't work on this. Get rid of the yoke and let the chest and arm striping be the focal point. As for the flyers, it feels strange to have a plain white outline on the numbers when you don't have any white for striping. Why not take that gray gradient style striping and use that?
Overall: 8.5/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Lucas D- Chicago Bears
Positives: Continuing with his crossover series, Lucas gives us a jersey from the Chicago bears that incorporates the current jersey striping for the bear and it looks good on the jerseys. Also, the navy cuffs and hem you have on the white jersey looks great.
Negatives: Lucas, your design choices are starting to become redundant. using a yoke and colored ends of the jersey on the white jersey, using the bears uniform striping on the arms like every other Chicago Bears concept, and going with these thin stripes in the yoke and hem are getting boring. Give me something new. Give us something that we haven't seen from you before. I'd like to see you get out of your comfort zone.
Overall: 7/10

Mac W- Pittsburgh Penguins
Positives: The yellow jersey was a good choice to use with the modified robopen logo, which is very interesting by the way. Also, the combination of the 80's and 90's jerseys, as well as the 70's coloring for the alternate works really well overall.
Negatives: This design could be a little more creative. Adding the robopen, which you took the yellow away from, and adding it to the jersey template from the 80's (with a squared yoke) doesn't feel like you put a lot of thought into the design. Yes you have some good elements and interesting choices in design but it just doesn't differentiate itself enough to be accounted as a design done by you.
Overall: 7/10

That's all I have for you guys today. I might be here on Sunday or Justin might be there but that's still being worked out, so I hope you all have a good rest of the week and I'll see you when I write next!
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