Tuesday: Red, White, and Blue

Hi folks, welcome back to the Tuesday HJC post. The concept era is winding down, and we have a pair of concepts to review today. Let's jump right in.

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Adam G.- Nashville Predators

From our recent Predator's competition, Adam submits his entry. Continuing off of Adidas's trend of simplifying the Preds, Adam's design for simple blocks of red and blue with a white accent fits this trend. The away jersey adds an extra flair with a red yoke, extended to the red sleeve stripe. The thinner stripes all work together in the theme, whether it be from the sleeves, hem, the guitar strings through the numbers, or even red stripe through the logo. The alternate is an interesting combination of old and new; the overall layout is old-school in its layering of stripes, but in the color selection, logo, and numbers, much more modern. It would have been better to have gone with one era or the other. While it's usually best not to attempt blending two conflicting eras together, Adam synthesized a unique solution, pairing a light, thick chest stripe against a dark, thin stripe background. What I find most off putting, after the team owning the color yellow within the NHL, is that I simply can't get over the color swap. 

Grade: C

Alan H.- Montreal Canadiens

Alan takes a stab at a Montreal third. There isn't much new here, largely blending past jerseys together. While it's not the most creative approach, it's a successful one. The thicker red stripes are consistently paired with a thin blue stripe. The blue equipment, while introducing a new pattern, at least keeps the colors consistent. The colored cuffs at the end would have been best completely omitted, since they're so thin an inconsequential, they look more like a mistake than a design element. Alan modifies the Adidas template at the collar, breaking up the horse collar effect by making room for three stripes. Adidas would have been much better off doing something like this. 

Grade: C-

That's it for this week, I'll see you next week on Christmas Day, and keep your stick on the ice.
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