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I think eventually every HJC writer will comment on the 2019 Changes, and I gave some thoughts on the latest episode of the Jersey Nerds Podcast (which you should all listen to btw)...but yeah...Burnout is real...and I've had concept burnout for a while. Now what does that mean? I love hockey jerseys, they're almost all I wear, and I love concepts, I really do! I've been doing this for nearly 7 years. When I started writing, I was going into grade 11 in high school, literally on vacation with my family in Halifax when I got the news from Ryan I'd be writing for HJC. It's been part of my life for so long and I hope to continue being a part of this website and its new podcast indefinitely. The Jersey Nerds Podcast has really given me a new outlet, a new experience and frankly in it I've found a new passion in podcasting about a topic I'd consider myself an expert in and want to get better at it.

I want to invest in better podcast equipment
I want to expand the reach of the podcast
I want to create something people are going to listen to

If I love concepts so much, why do I not only support Ryan's decision but will be leading the charge of changes in 2019? After 6.5 years of this...lemme tell ya, you've reviewed a lot of concepts. Here's the math.

Average 5 concepts per post, once a week, 52 times a year (Now most years we don't post the week of Xmas but I do a few make up posts when other writers get busy so it adds up). So 5x52x6.5= 1690

Almost 1700 concepts reviewed if not more! And Ryan has nearly 3 years more of concepts reviewed. Every so often design trends change, but we haven't seen concept trends change in...years...As Justin mentioned we've seen a lot of concepts that on their own are solid but when you've seen several versions of the same thing over and over again, it drains you. I can recall eye opening really great concepts from nearly 5 years ago I still remember...can't remember the last time I saw a concept like that. These concepts weren't those that were put on the nicest templates or the most professionally done, but the ones that had original ideas. It wasn't about winning COTW, or small changes to existing designs...it was about concepts, stuff you couldn't make on your own.

Now what does this mean if you make concepts? Well you have a few options. We will continue the contests and we hope you enter them. Those tend to produce the best concepts as you have to get creative to win. Putting a 1946 Habs white jersey on the Adizero template won't win you anything! Furthermore, back in the old days, we all had personal blogs. Ryan used to have to post our blog links to give us a shout out, and people used to send their concepts around to each other and review them themselves. Give it a try, start a blog. Furthermore a lot of artists post their concepts to twitter directly. Despite my utter hate for said site, it does allow for artists to review each others works easier than ever!

In short, HJC isn't putting out its own New Coke, HJC is getting rid of its Blockbuster, and moving to something we're all passionate about, and we hope you come along for the ride!

COTW November 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
2019 All Star Competition entries (due December 14 @ noon ET)
Jersey Nerds Podcast (new episode every Tuesday)

On with today's 4 concepts!


Buffalo Bills NFL Crossover Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

So here's the thought thing with this concept. The striping pattern looks decent enough, but it's bland. Now how many concepts have we seen with the 70s/modern Bills striping before? Many, so at least it's not just that. That being said, in terms of Bills colour history, during the Jim Kelly era, the main stripe colour was white with red outlines. Furthermore the team used a collar similar to the Jets/Oilers heritage jerseys, so that'd be a chance to make it cool. Furthermore the Detroit style arms don't really work for me, especially on the 3D template. 


Brampton Beast Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

Picture if the Kings met with the Pens...and that's what we have here. Now, is that a bad thing? NO, this is EXACTLY what the Beast should be doing rather than early 2000s USA jerseys. The primary logo on the home being different than the other 3 is unique but I think that works better for an alternate than doing it on the home and road. The alternate is gorgeous, and I get why grey pants might be used as it looks pretty good as well and it's not worth throwing either option out. 


San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Taylor R.) 

Now I want to begin this by saying as a Worcester Sharks or San Jose Barracudas concept, knocks it out of the park! What we have here is a blending of erase with the pre edge numbers, the new Sharks alternate, colours similar to the original edge and the arms like...I'm not sure. I really like this concept, and it is super original, in fact it makes me think the early 2010s colour layout doesn't look too dated after all. That being said is it the direction I'd want the Sharks to actually take...hmmm....

9/10 COTW Nom from me! 

2020 Winter Classic Concept (By: Ben S.)

Blue Jackets jersey, despite borrowing heavily from the Pens in terms of striping style is pretty solid. I like the iron works in the arms and the Ohio flag patch on the front of the jersey, but it's a shame the Jackets current font isn't used, also no TV numbers on the back of the arms. The Pittsburgh jersey is pretty solid, but without making the bridge trusses blend in more, it looks like an ugly Christmas sweater when the yoke is included too. Might pick one of the other, and would be a great chance for the industrial numbers to return!

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