Thursday: Blinded By The Light

Welcome everyone to todays post. Corey here returning the favour for Jets as he covered for me while I was battling the flu. Now the flu wasn't so bad, but when your laptop screen brightness is on low and still too bright for the accompanying migraine, yeah not too easy to write the post. Now that that's all cleared up and I can see what I'm typing I can look forward to more headaches to look as Christmas approaches. Enough about me though, lets get into the concepts.

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As they say in Letterkenny; Pitter patter, let's get at 'er.

Adam G. - Ottawa Senators
Our next stop in Adam's transit series takes us to the Nations Capital. Having been to Ottawa and using this transit system personally, the jersey stays true to the design OC Transpo uses. Normally I would call the placement of the maple leaves on the sleeve lazy or leeching off of the 2016 Canada World Cup of Hockey jersey, but the maple leaves were essential to being accurate to the design as they feature maple leaves on the buses (because Canadian reasons). The one unfortunate aspect is the logo, because the transit company only features 2 colours, the Sens logo looks very bare. Thankfully a white border on the logo was used and gives some separation between the red of the jersey and the red on the logo, but that only helps a bit. It's a solid concept, the logo is just too plain for my liking.

Overall - 7/10

Lucas D. - Dallas Cowboys
How 'bout the Cowboys? My general response is "eh" and that's pretty much how I feel about this concept. It's not bad, but it just feels like the Cowboys of the last almost quarter century; uninspired. The white jersey is okay, but the blue jersey needs some work. There's just too much navy not just on the uniform, but the gear is also all mostly navy save for a few stripes. Perhaps adding some silver to the collar would help. And why not stick to their regular uniform and try that silver-green colour somewhere. It may not work for the pants, but it could work on the hem. Just something to break the monotony. As I said the white jersey is fine. It has good balance, that blue one though is not your best work.

Overall - 6/10

That's all I have. I'll be back on Monday for the Christmas Eve post. You have a little less than 24 hours to vote for the COTW and 2019 All Star Redesign, so make sure you do that if you haven't already.  

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