Rundown: December 7-13

The winner of the COTW vote for December 7-13: Peter H!

Full Results
Peter H. - Atlantic City  (8)
Mac W. - Ottawa  (7)
Ethan B. - Stadium Series  (7)


The winner of the 2019 All-Star Game Competition was Bpoe!

Full Results
Bpoe  -  14
Brooks F.  -  10
Matt G.  -  9
Danny R.  -  6
Ryan H.  -  6
Mac W.  -  5
Jeremiah F.  -  3
Jared L.  -  2
Jay S.  -  2
Scott  -  2
Ben S.  -  1

Bpoe's entry moves into the COTW vote!



COTW nominees for the week of December 14 to 20...


Bpoe - All-Star Game
Matt G. - Seattle Sockeyes

- Log into a Google account to make the poll appear on the side of the page
- Voting ends Friday at noon ET
- Winner moves into the COTW-December vote

There will not be a Jersey Nerds Podcast this Tuesday. This gives time for people to relax and enjoy their holidays. We will have a special video on YouTube that we will share with everyone on Tuesday though.


I would like to thank all of the people that have messaged me in some way regarding the changes coming to HJC in 2019. Most of you are either looking forward to the changes or understand why the changes are happening.

There is a small portion of people that do not understand why the changes are happening and they are scared of the change. They do not want any changes to HJC yet they also do not understand the work that is needed to run a blog (or forum) that they desire.

These people want a blog or a forum where any concept is posted. They then want people to take time out of their day to provide feedback on these concepts so that they can apparently apply that feedback to future concepts. Applying feedback to future concepts was something that I was not seeing a lot of (and the writers too) and contributed to the lack of passion for posting daily concepts.

What these people seem to lack the understanding of is how much VOLUNTEER work it has taken to keep HJC running like that. And I reached a point where I (and many of the writers) did not want to post and critique concepts on a daily basis anymore because it did not make a difference to most. This was explained when the changes were announced, yet some people seem to want to ignore these facts and simply want what they want and do not care about the amount of work that is needed to give them what they want.

So where can one possibly post their work and get feedback? I hear Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are fairly popular. And I'm pretty sure that you can post nearly anything you want on there. And I believe that if you choose, anyone can view your work and leave comments about it.

This is the perfect opportunity for someone to start their own blog or forum. HJC will not be posting daily concept posts anymore. While we are closing that door we're leaving it unlocked with the key dangling out of the keyhole. All someone has to do is come along and take the key. Take ownership of this world that these people desire. Put the work in to make a great place where people can have their work posted.

I've had some people message me that they are disappointed that things are changing on HJC, but they also acknowledged that they understand that we don't have the passion to post daily concepts anymore. They understood that the changes are happening, regardless.



Beginning on December 28th we will begin accepting submissions for the next HJC Competition! It will be a Washington Capitals ReDesign. A home and road jersey will be required, with up to two alternates that are optional. This should be fun and I'm looking forward to seeing the entries that will be submitted.


COTW December 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Washington Capitals ReDesign (begins December 28th)
Rundown: December 7-13 Reviewed by Ryan on December 22, 2018 Rating: 5

1 comment:

Jlnhlfan said...

8th place isn't too bad... but it's out of 11, so I'm near the bottom. Oh, well. I'll try again next time.

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