Monday: 'Tis The Season

As the year 2018 comes to its final days, so does HJC's current platform. We here at HJC are excited for what's to come. The New Year symbolizes a fresh start for many people, and that's what we think is needed for HJC. Today is my last weekly concept post and in my short time writing for HJC I've also started to notice the monotony of the daily concept posts. While there has been a small group that worries about their creativity being stunted, I'm excited for another small group who's creativity can now be on full display; the writers. The new HJC platform allows for us to express ourselves in a greatly expanded capacity and offer a much wider variety of our knowledge of the thing that first drew all of us here; jerseys. 

COTW December 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 12pm ET)
Washington Capitals Redesign Competition (begins December 28th)

There will be no Jersey Nerds Podcast this week, but as Steve said yesterday we do have a gift to give you. After all, it's Christmas time. And what good is Christmas without any gifts? Now on to the concepts.

Adam G. - Toronto Maple Leafs
Our final destination in Adam's Transit Series is my back yard; Toronto. As weird as it is seeing the Leafs wearing red instead of blue, I actually like it. It does give me flashbacks to the first few times I used the TTC which were not always pleasant. The striping is pretty par for the course as far as Leaf jerseys with the exception of the yoke stripe. The "T" on the arm is a nice touch too as the T's used in the TTC logo and the Toronto Arenas logo are quite similar. I would've liked to see some different striping though as it looks too much like a Red Wings design, especially the red jersey. As much as the Leafs are synonymous with blue, red doesn't look so bad for them.

Overall - 7.5/10

Vaughn R. - 2019 Winter Classic
 Finishing up today's post is a Bruins and Blackhawks Winter Classic concept. Neither of these are too far off of what both teams are using. The striping on the Boston jersey is very close to their actual jersey. The logo is a recoloured version of their 2016 Winter Classic with the bear being black. The 2 aspects that I don't care much for are the numbers and the yoke stripes. Call me old fashioned, but I think the shoulder numbers don't belong on a jersey based heavily on a design from the 1930's. It looks too modern. I would've opted for no numbers on the arms at all. And the yoke stripe interfering with the name bar is just distracting. If there were no yoke numbers, the stripe could be moved up and you'd have a much cleaner look. As it is now it looks a bit clunky.

As for Chicago, it is very similar to their real Winter Classic jersey. Where the real one benefits is that they minimalized the striping. Yes I know their original design had the striping on the yoke, but it gets in the way of things even more than the Boston jersey. Scale back the striping and put a white name bar with black font and its a winner. I actually like the slight differences in the logo used here versus their real WC logo. I feel the details are more visible in this version. Much like the Boston jersey, it just looks clunky. 

Overall - 7/10

No COTW nominee from me. I will let the readers decide. That's all from me. Merry Christmas to everyone. And if you don't celebrate, then have a great Monday.
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Alan John Herbert said...

Vaughn R's Winter Classic concept for COTW!

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