Monday: All Canada (Minus One)

Happy Monday everyone. If there is anybody who hasn't heard yet, HJC will be undergoing some changes in 2019. There's not much that I can add that my fellow writers haven't already said. As the newest writer for HJC, I have started getting used to my role here, but I can also see how my colleagues feel it's time for a change. I support and look forward to the changes in the New Year. For those who may not have heard of what changes are coming click here.

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Let's take a look at what concepts we have this Monday.

Jordan R - Calgary Flames 
The home and away jerseys pay homage to the teams original and ultimately most successful look. There are some very minor changes to the striping as well as the usage of the current font style for the numbers and letters which makes the look of the uniform more modern. I like the mountain logo (found on the script alternate) being recoloured, but I'm not fan of one shoulder being bare. And while I like the Atlanta Flames "A" as the assistant captain patch, the Mini-Me flaming C throws off the balance. I know they've used it in the past, but I think the past is where it should stay. The alternate is essentially what I envisioned their home jersey would look like when they switched to Adidas. I'm glad to see no sign of the flag patches, as Calgary isn't the only Albertan or Canadian team in the league. The third jersey striping brings my rating for this set up. And then the Color Rush...I give you credit for the creativity, but this just doesn't work as a jersey for a professional team. It looks like a big flame car decal was placed on top of a jersey. It's a neat idea, but it just doesn't work. The 3 other jerseys only had minor issues so the Color Rush doesn't totally sink the rating.

Overall - 6.5/10

Justin B. - Winnipeg Jets
Next up is a Winnipeg Jets Color Rush. This concept is a call to the Winnipeg Whiteout we see during the playoffs dating back to their original incarnation. I would like to see this done with the current text logo on their new third jersey. I feel like the jersey itself has enough blue on it, but while the white numbers look good from up close I can only imagine watching a game on TV and trying to read the numbers. I don't dislike this in the slightest, but I think that I would categorize this as more of a fashion jersey that a Color Rush. 

Overall - 7/10

Mac W. Ottawa Senators
The final Canadian concept to review today is this Ottawa Senators design. I must say Mac, this is my favourite custom logo I have seen from you. It uses the "O" logo that many (myself included) want to see used full-time, but also keeps the Centurion helmet that has become synonymous with the teams identity. The rest of the home and away jerseys are based on their 1995-99 home and away. the red third is also pretty good. The red jersey with the maple leaf on it really hits home that this team is from the nations Capital as does the Peace Tower inside of the "O". The striping under the yoke also gives a nod to the original Senators team. Nice work.

Overall - 8/10 COTW nominee

Peter H. - Atlantic City Chance
Finally, what better name for a team whose jersey is littered with gambling references? Is it a coincidence Vegas' mascot is also named Chance? Anyhow lets review the jersey. The home and away look based on a set if the Hurricanes had a set based off their away. First off I think the numbers would look better with one outline instead of two. I think the sublimated card suits are a nice touch, but perhaps only having clubs and spades in the black stripe and hearts and diamonds in the red stripe would work best. The logo's are nice and certainly fit with the cities identity. I would like to know if there's a significance to the numbers on the die or if it was a...roll of the dice. The third jersey looks a little too gimmicky for my liking, but certainly could be labeled a "Casino Night" jersey. Certainly an interesting set of jerseys here. 

Overall - 6.5/10

And before you go check out some of our 2019 All Star Redesign entries. See you all next Monday.

Scott H.

Mac W.

Monday: All Canada (Minus One) Reviewed by Unknown on December 10, 2018 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Holly cow, I'm speechless.


Ben Shaffer said...

Peter's Atlantic City for COTW

Chase A. Carlson said...

Justin B's Jets concept for COTW

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