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Hi everyone, this is the blog admin Ryan and welcome to what will be the final daily concept post here on HJC! After today we are heading in a new and exciting direction. Our competitions will now be where your concepts are showcased here on the site and that begins tomorrow with the Washington Capitals ReDesign! Check back tomorrow for all of the rules. Whoever wins that comp will be the first concept entered into the running for the 2019 COTY! The news will also be featured more on HJC and we will also be producing more content with our podcasts.

We still have to determine our 2018 Concept of the Year with the COTW vote for the final week of December. Four big votes will follow that including the COTW-December, 4th Quarter Vote, COTY Semi-Finals vote, and finally the 2018 COTY vote.

COTW vote December 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
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There are moments like this in everything we do where we feel the need to note or commemorate them. If we didn't then everything would just pass in a meaningless blur. On November 22nd, 2009 I launched this blog with the intention that it would be meaningless. It was a place to post my amateur work, just for me. I didn't consider the idea of other people seeing my work and creating their own work. And at first, I certainly never considered that people would want to submit their work to my blog giving me the responsibility of sharing it with others and sharing my opinion of it with others.

When that idea became something that I was interested in it was still nearly a year before someone submitted anything to HJC. That person was named Glen C. and Glen went on the contribute many concepts to the blog and was the first ever guest writer! I want to say thank you to Glen for all of that.

The blog grew and more and more people discovered it. Which led to more and more people sharing their work. More and more concepts just kept pouring in to the HJC email! There was a time when we could have 12-15 concepts posted on a single post! For anyone who ever believed in the power of HJC as a tool to share their work, thank you! Thank you to all of those people who made HJC what it became.

In August of 2012, I knew I was about to become a father. And I knew I would not be able to keep the blog going as it was. So I made the second toughest choice on this blog I'd ever have to make. I relinquished major control of the blog and brought on volunteer writers. This decision added so much great character and flavour to HJC! I was so happy with how this process turned out. HJC would not have ever continued if I never had people who believed in the blog so much that they wanted to volunteer their time to be a part of it. They never received any compensation expect for the feeling of belonging to something that was special to them in some way. For everyone who ever volunteered their time to write for HJC (or apply to be a HJC writer) I thank you. Thank you for giving so much when I was never able to give back in the same ways.

In October of 2018 I made the hardest decision I've ever had to make on HJC. I decided that the daily concept posts would come to an end. I had discussed this move as early as summer 2017 with the HJC writing team. Discussions continued off and on over the next year plus. Finally a day came when I sat down at the computer and I had no desire or passion left to do everything that needed to be done for HJC concept posts to continue. The announcement was made at the beginning of December, and now we are here. This is the final daily concept post from HJC.

Today's post will be special as I have asked all of the current HJC contributors to write reviews for a concept on the post. Including myself, we have a total of eight contributors providing their opinions on the batch of concepts.

UCLA by Max H.


Hi everybody. You're Sunday writer, Steve, here. I like the idea of having the striping on the shoulders, similar to what the football team uses. it's a great design idea and it still matches to what the team uses now. Unfortunately, the rest of the jersey is really plain and leaves a lot to be desired. Also, your TV numbers are really small and the font, overall, just feels off.
(8 / 10)

Radford Highlanders by Chris W.


From Tuesday writer Ben, this will be my last contribution on the HJC writing team. Chris takes on the Radford Highlanders of the NCAA's Big South in his typically untypical school selection. The home and road designs are quite plain, ultimately too devoid of sufficient interest. The white jersey's hem may as well not be there as it will blend into the pants. Speaking of the pants, the striping would have greatly helped the overall lack of interest. The logo selection likewise contributes to this problem. There isn't much to the primary logo, and while I esteem wordmark crests, plain text arching over numbers is lackluster. The grey from the school's set is far too light to merit it being in the jersey's striping; it's nearly indistinguishable from the white. My eye is seeing it as white, but can tell that something isn't quite right. The alternate is my personal favorite in the set, principally for avoiding the aforementioned problems. It's also admirable in that Chris totally commits to the red as the secondary color; he wisely pairs a red helmet to the red yoke, selling this look with the pants and gloves.
(Grade: C-)

NCAA Winter Classic by Vaughn R.


Hey everyone it’s Monday writer Corey here to review this NCAA Winter Classic concept. We’ll start with the Northeastern Huskies. It’s a pretty basic looking jersey as far as the design goes, but it works for a Winter Classic. My main issues are with the red helmet and the logos used. I’d like to see this with a black helmet and I feel using a noticeably different logo would help. A logo featuring an “N” is used 4 different times on the uniform. Northeastern has a few logo options so let’s get some variety on here.

The Notre Dame jersey looks fantastic. I love the overall look of this jersey, but I feel like the hem could use some work. If the hem had matching stripes with the arms I think it would take this jersey up a notch. The gold helmet is hit or miss with me. I think a navy helmet would look better, but if we’re paying homage to the football program then gold is the obvious choice. I’d like to see some more creativity in the Winter Classic logo too. It’s just the NHL Winter Classic logo with NCAA slapped on it.

Overall - 6.75/10
The overall jersey design is good, but the logo work is fairly unimaginative though. 

Denver Broncos by Lucas D.

Its Thursday, my dudes. Wednesday writer Justin here bringing you one last concept review here at HJC. Lucas takes us to the grid iron here today with his take on the NFL's Denver Broncos. I've said time and time again that I'm a big fan of logo-inspired striping, so I'm a big fan of this concept. The arm striping draws from the mane of the logo and looks great within the full length yoke. Colors are balanced excellently across the two sets; really like the prominence of white on the road sweater. My one major complaint comes only in the presentation. Though I love the fact that you provide both a 2D and 3D view of the jersey, I think more care could be taken in ensuring they convey the same message. Maybe its just my eyes, but the arm striping appears much thicket on the 3D than the 2D. Couple tweaks I'd offer to take this one to the next level: 1) Carry the yoke through the cuff on the home. It looks strange to have the yoke end in orange and 2) I'd remove the vertical blue stripe that breaks up the arm striping. It clutters up the look and hurts the connection to the mane of the logo.

Overall Rating: 8.75/10.0
A good look for Denver, but one still a couple tweaks away from being the 'mane' attraction.

Tampa Bay Lightning by Justin B.


Hey y’all, TC here signing on for our final daily concept post here at HJC. It’s the end of an era here, and while I’m excited for what the future holds for us here at HJC as we expand our podcasts and add more digital content, I must say that it’s a tad bittersweet to see the daily concepts go. I’ve been a reader since 2011, back when it was just Ryan running the whole operation, and while I lost touch for a while, last year I was able to start contributing concepts and a few short months later I was lucky enough to earn a spot on the writing staff. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my tenure here as a writer, we’ve got a great group of guys here on staff and it’s always fun to interact with fellow designers to help to mutually grow our skills.

That being said, it was only once I was on staff that I realized just how much work Ryan actually put into this site, and for that I must truly commend him. The fact that he was able to keep HJC up and running for as long as he has is a true testament to just how much he loves jersey design and how dedicated he was to giving other designers the opportunity to learn and grow together. Much like any endeavor, after years of coordinating HJC in its current iteration the cost began to outweigh the benefits for Ryan, and so he decided to take the site in a new direction. As someone who has personally seen just how much work he puts into HJC and how much of a toll it has taken on him, I can’t blame him. Furthermore, the glint that I can see in his eye when he talks about his plans for the future of HJC is something I haven’t seen in him for a while, and it shows that he still has the passion for jersey design that can keep HJC running for years to come, in whatever form it takes. As always, HJC is in capable hands and will continue to flourish as long as there are jersey nerds who will listen.

Now on to my concept review! My concept today is a Tampa Bay Lightning Color Rush design that comes to us from our very own Justin B.! I really like the use of grey as the base of this jersey, it’s a great nod to the Lightning’s past and a great way to work out an alternate for team with only two colors in their palette. The lightning striping on the arms looks great, and I’m happy JB didn’t feel the need to match it on the hem, it would have been difficult to pull off properly without looking too awkward. The white collar looks great, and the two-toned logo looks much better than the traditional single-colored design. Gear all looks solid, but I’m not a huge fan of the font choice on this one. Final verdict: a solid alternate design for the Lightning that I wouldn’t mind seeing on the ice.
(8.5 / 10)

Buffalo Sabres by Justin B.


Hello everyone, Friend of the Show/Brendan P./Bpoe here. For those of you who don’t know, I was a full time writer here from March of 2015 until I stepped away to the new time constraints of college in October of 2017, so I’m no stranger to these reviews. Thankfully, Ryan has allowed me to stick around, so here I am.

Now onto the review, and since this is the only one I’m reviewing, and the last one I will on this blog, I’m not going to shy away from going in depth.

Now if you know me, you know I love color, so a color rush in the NHL is pretty much my dream. While not much of an original idea to do a series on that concept, my pairs comp partner Justin here has not been unoriginal with his jersey designs at all. The use of the Winter Classic shoulder patch was a great move, as it looks great on the front of a jersey. The striping pattern is really simple and really says “Buffalo Sabres” to me, and I really like the look of it. You also keep a good consistency throughout the set with the stripes, as they remain the same on the pants and gloves. However, the placement of it on the arms is a bit of an issue for me. It’s a bit too low, and I think in game action the gloves would hide most, if not all, of it. However, even if it does, I don’t think it would ruin this jersey, as there are enough other details to keep it from getting too boring. The crossed swords below the TV numbers are a great touch for an alternate jersey like this, because I’m not sure how well they’d work full time. Because of this, the TV numbers may be a bit too small, so you either make that sacrifice, or enlarge it all. The use of the Turdburger font is nice as well, as it’s one of the few good things that came out of that jersey (along with those crossed swords). I think the best detail here though is the shoulder design, meant to invoke the look of horns, and as Justin himself has said, a subtle callback to the goathead jerseys. I think it’s the sole thing that keeps this from being too plain with the cuffs as low as they are.

Overall: 8/10 and Sean’s COTW Nomination! (Because since this is his normal post, he gets to make the nomination in-post) I hope you enjoyed the review, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all around. Hopefully sooner than later.

2019 All-Star Game by Matt G.


Hello all, your longest serving non-Ryan writer Sean here, been here since the last week of August 2012. I’ve seen concepts from Toronto to Charlottetown to Halifax and they’ve played a big role in how I see hockey jerseys, writing, and things that aren’t those two. None the less if for whatever reason you don’t know who I am, I’m the guy on the podcast who likes black jerseys, obscure players/teams, and the one who’s written mostly on Monday and Fridays for his HJC career.

None the less, this is the end, my final curtain, and I’m going to review this concept my way, as if there was any other. So send in the clowns.

Matt takes the approach of only having the division the team is in match the colour scheme of the host team, instead of all 4 divisions. All four jerseys follow a similar striping pattern, the closest thing I can thing of it resembling is the Rendevouz 87 jerseys maybe? The inclusion of the rainbow energy wave thing is okay, something if they want to use that as an identifier for the game it’d be great to see that on jersey. Metro is like an old All Star jersey from the days of black and orange, the Atlantic looks like Pittsburgh (no two ways around that) and the Central looks like….a ramekin at a local Mexican place you’ve never been to but know it’s there. It’s a pretty solid look, but I’m more a fan of ASG jerseys that borrow from the host team’s team name over the logos.


2019 All-Star Game by Danny R.


Ryan here to close out the reviews. I promised "Mess" I wouldn't do this... but 31 year old references aside let's look at Danny's concept. This was Danny's entry into our most recent competition and when it came in I immediately thought to myself that this looked like Danny was taking the next step in his concepts. It's just a little bit more polished than his previous works. The execution looks flawless and it comes across that Danny took a step back from these jerseys and made sure that everything looks clean and accurate.

As for the designs, they appear to be inspired by past Sharks jerseys and past All-Star Game jerseys. They may be a bit too basic for current All-Star events, but definitely not for me! The orange jersey and the black jersey look to be based on San Jose's original Edge look and the numbers on all jerseys look to be the same numbers from San Jose's first ever alternate jersey (1997). The chest numbers look a bit big, but I can also see that as something that Adidas and the NHL would do on ASG jerseys. The white and teal concepts remind me of the 1983-88 ASG jerseys. I really like that there is still a visual difference between the East jerseys and the West jerseys. This also does lead one to notice the glaring error by Danny where he has mistakenly placed the Devils in the Central Division, the Leafs in the Metopolitan Division and the Avalanche in the Atlantic Division.

That error cannot be overlooked, but the very clean and solid look and presentation of the concepts will not go unnoticed. I don't care for the chest numbers, but it's very fathomable that they would appear on All-Star jerseys. The Adidas stripes on the sides of the jerseys are something that we have come to expect from Adidas in the NHL whenever they are permitted to do so. The colours fit with the host team's colours and there are so many things on these concepts that just make good sense. I would equate this concept to a really great steak. No fancy side dishes, not from a fancy steakhouse, and no suggested wine pairing. Just a damn tasty steak. And this is a damn tasty concept!

(8.7 / 10)

Don't forget that the Washington Capitals ReDesign competition will be launched tomorrow here on the blog. We look forward to bringing you jersey and logo (and more) news as we hear about it. You're going to get our opinions on those posts and we want yours too! You will now be able to get three podcasts a week from HJC! The Jersey Nerds Podcast will continue to be released every Tuesday. Every Thursday we will release a new episode of Fake or Authentic. Finally, Saturdays are the release day for Throwback Throwdown. Be sure to subscribe, like, rate, and share our podcast wherever you get your podcasts or on our PODCAST tab at the top of the blog.

HJC's Live Aid Reviewed by Ryan on December 27, 2018 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Maybe I should have mention that the rink is part of the concept as well. It's a photoshop of the Pauley pavillom, which mostly host basketball game and volleyball. Anyway, I knew the design would be plain as I tried to respect the overall design of the university and under armour. I'm sure if it were to become a reality. It would be quite plain.
Thanks and have a good one.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Last year, the COTY winner came from the first day in the HJC calendar. Seems fitting to me that the best concept I’ve seen in a while is in the last. COTW nomination to Justin’s Lightning Concept!
Thanks to Ryan for everything he’s done, and peace out, HJC!

Unknown said...

Mac W here,

I think the best concepts I have seen is both Justin's Lightning concept and Danny's NHL All Stars concept. For Danny's design I really like the divisions on the bottom helm. Gives more differentiation to the design.

For Justin's Lightning design, I love how the bolts cut between the blue and grey on the sleeves, also the logo looks good with the blue trim around the white.

Anonymous said...

Been a long time reader here, and I have to say that I'm a little disappointed at a few of the daily reviewers here. There are many sloppy presented concepts that should not be getting high reviews, and yet they often do, and then in the case of Chris W.'s Highlanders concept, the presentation alone should be enough to bump the grade up to a B+ A- range. There have just been many concepts that have come in over the past couple of months that should have been higher praised, but aren't because things like presentation, or even the cleanliness of the jerseys is often overlooked, as even some of the writers on the blog currently send in sloppily presented concepts. I do understand the work that is put into these, and it's all just for fun, but it does seem like there is an air of professionalism here at the blog. Hopefully, this isn't a judgmental thing to all of you writers, but possibly a reminder that presenting concepts in a clean matter is very important, as it truly helps the viewers of the concept to truly understand what the sweater will look like on the ice. (If we ever get to see it there one day.)

Ryan said...

I'll second Justin's Sabres concept for COTW.

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