HJC Changes for 2019

There are significant changes coming to HJC in 2019. I wanted to make sure to clearly outline these changes and let everyone know why they are happening and where HJC is headed.

The biggest change is that HJC will be moving away from daily concept posts. December 27th will be HJC's final daily concept post (that's a Thursday). This also means that anything sent in to HJC from this point on for a daily concept post is not guaranteed to be posted. I want to explain the reason for this change, and I will do so later in this post, but let's get to some positive news.

How can we call ourselves Hockey Jersey CONCEPTS if we didn't have any concepts? Well, one thing that won't be going away are HJC Competitions. This is where all of your HJC concept content will be provided. Winners of the competitions will be the COTW winners. We will still continue with the Quarterly Votes and we will still crown a Concept of the Year champion at the end of each year.

All of the volunteers at HJC want to make this site a place where you can get some hockey design news. There's lots of great options out there and we want to continue to be one of those options. With the responsibility of the daily concept posts being removed from our plates, this should free us up to cover the news a bit more. We also want to add a lot more opinions to our news coverage. It should spark your opinions and get some good chatter going in the comments of the posts.

Over the past twelve months we have been producing a weekly podcast called the Jersey Nerds Podcast. This has grown to become a passion of mine and something that I really would like to devote myself to. I have come up with a plan to begin to expand our podcast "network". The Jersey Nerds Podcast will remain the flagship show of the network. Throwback Throwdown is a segment on the Nerdcast, but soon it will expand and move to its own show. We also want to bring back the HJC Mailbag, but this time in a different format. We want to provide a HJC voicemail where you can leave us your thoughts and questions and we can respond. There are a couple of other ideas that we have that will go through development all throughout 2019!

I understand that the removal of daily concept posts is a disappointment to some readers. It was a decision that I came to over a 3 to 4 month period. The fact is that I no longer have the passion or interest to manage the daily concept posts. It has become an unwanted task to arrange and distribute concepts. Collecting the COTW results every week and reviewing each post for the nominees has become a chore. Setting up those polls is something that I do not want to do anymore. So instead of half-assing it I decided that this site would be better served with content that I have a passion for.

HJC isn't going anywhere. This site began its life on November 22nd, 2009 as just me posting some of my work just because I wanted to. I never expected people to find HJC, but when they did I was more than happy to provide that space. Now my interests have shifted and that is where HJC will focus its attention. I hope you will stick with us for this new version of HJC. I really think you will enjoy the content that we will provide.


(HJC Administrator)

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FC Macbeth said...


-There will be a possibility that the admin will post on a weekly basis, which means more concepts to fill up the post and more effort content-wise.

-COTW votings will be extended until the end of the week.

-News will play a bigger role (Obviously!).

-5+ Posts per month.

-I need more ideas. Seriously, I have little to no juice in my brain.

Chris said...

I know it's your site and your decision to make, but I'm not a fan of this move at all. I came here only for the concepts and started making some myself. Going to contests only would mean it's not about feedback and growing as an artist, but to only put a spotlight on those who have already honed their abilities.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Going to have to agree with Chris here. Disappointed with this move and hope you’ll reconsider. Perhaps you can move the responsibility of concepts to someone else? Maybe BPoe or someone else who’s been here a while?

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