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Hello everyone, for today's post we have Friend of the Show on the job instead of your usual southern fried HJC. TC got caught up in something and nobody was able to cover him until now, so sorry for the tardiness.

The next HJC competition will be designs for the 2019 All Star Game in San Jose! Surprisingly, no entries have been submitted for it yet. However, we do have the COTW vote as always, the All Star comp's entries are due two weeks from today, and the next Jersey Nerds Podcast will (more than likely) be coming out on Tuesday save for some sort of technical or logical difficulties, so go listen to the last one if you haven't yet!

COTW November 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)2019 All Star Competition Entries (due December 14 @ noon ET)Jersey Nerds Podcast (new epiode every Tuesday)

Let's get on to today's concepts!


Avi S. - Chicago Blackhawks

Avi's redesign here for the Hawks is something brand new based on something existing, a slight change of something existing, and something pretty much exactly the same as something existing. The home jersey does something never done before in real life by taking the road jersey's template and making it red (and honestly, I can't recall a concept that does this off the top of my head either). It's hard to top Chicago's regular home, and quite frankly this one doesn't cut it. It's nice, but I'm not a fan especially of the lack of contrast between the black and red. Don't get me wrong, the colors don't blend, but the black doesn't pop in any way. Maybe switching the black and white would help.

The road jersey is mostly the same as their road jersey now, but with a few changes, all of which improve the jersey if you ask me. The arm logos in the striping are nice (as they are on the red jersey), and I love the plain colored numbers and the black cuffs, just as I did on their 2015 and 2017 Winter Classic jerseys. The collar is also a great improvement over their current one, but I can't help but think it may look even better if you swapped the colors: black for the thick part of the front, back, and pentagon, with white trim. I'm not 100% certain that wouldn't be too much black, though, so if it is, what you have now works amazing as well.

Unless I'm missing something, there isn't much to comment on about the alternate, as it appears to be a direct copy of their 2009 Winter Classic/2009-11 alternate jersey, with the exception of slightly different stripe proportions and a different font. The font is an improvement if you ask me, and the only thing that I think you could consider a major change is the removal of the triangles on the pants, which is a downgrade in my opinion. Unless this is meant to be an ideal Blackhawks concept, it's a bit lacking in creativity.

Also, the stitching inside the numbers on each jersey is a nice touch.

Overall: 8/10

Lucas D. - Baltimore Ravens

Now I'm not much of a football fan and I'm not nearly as knowledgable on football uniforms, but the Ravens' football counterparts really don't give you much to work off of. However, I think you did a good job here, except for one thing that I'll get to later. I love the primarily purple home jersey, seeing as the fact that "I love a lot of color" is just about as much of a catchphrase of mine as "Just recording a podcast" at this point. The striping on both jerseys pops well, and colors bleeding together is mostly avoided. The purple on black on the white jersey could possibly be avoided, though. The color balance on the white jersey also may be a bit off, with a primarily purple jersey (aside from the white) and primarily black pants. It would suffer from the same thing Nashville's currently do. My only real gripe with this set is the pants design. I understand where the pattern comes from and all, but it does not work at all when combined with jerseys of a completely different color. I would recommend either sublimating it à la the Hurricanes, and/or create an entirely separate alternate that utilizes that design and colors.
Overall: 8/10


And that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next time.
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Lucas D. said...

Hi Brendan, thanks for the review, though you forgot to give me a rating.

Ben Shaffer said...

Second Lucas's Ravens

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