Tuesday: Two Days to Turkey Day

Burkus C.- Detroit Red Wings (Digital 6)

Burkus takes on my favorite team, Detroit. First of all, this fixes a major problem I had with EA's Digital 6; the socks now match the theme. The single stripe makes a huge difference in tying the whole set together. The shield behind the TV numbers is difficult to discern, and isn't the strongest choice as its only precedent is the pants logo. I do like the color inverted logo; it gives some interest in creating a unique look without getting crazy. Otherwise, this is a look we've seen before and are all familiar with.

Grade: B-

Jordan R.- Arizona Coyotes

Jordan sends in a full set for the Coyotes. I'm disappointed Jordan chose to more or less keep the current design for the primary, as well as a moderately redesigned third. To begin with, it's a weak design. I'd much rather see Jordan's creativity. Why? See the color rush for proof. Jordan heads out on a limb with a blackout, rather than dousing it in color, but makes it work with the other colors. The recolored logo was a phenomenal idea to fit the theme, with the former logo as a shoulder patch. Two-color numbers also go a long way matching the theme. Had they been a solid color, they would have awkwardly stood out. Even more important, it was done in a way to keep them legible.

Grade: C-

 Taylor R.- Dallas Stars

Taylor sends in two looks for the Dallas Stars. On the primary, the design is interesting, and is a better way to incorporate a star design than something more blatant and flamboyant. The colors used in the design may be reconsidered; the contrast between white and silver is, obviously, much less than between white and black. This emphasizes the stripes more than the star, which isn't what's wanted here. The alternate keeps the star on the sleeve, and makes a much more traditional striping layout, a good alternative to the primary. The green pants irk me, since I prefer pants to be darker or equal to the jersey, to better color balance. The font is a small detail that makes a big difference, being both "western" and "traditional," perfect for this Dallas look.

Grade: C+

That's it for today. Be sure to get your Nashville competition entries in by Friday. Have a happy American Thanksgiving, and keep your stick on the ice.

Tuesday: Two Days to Turkey Day Reviewed by Ben Shaffer on November 20, 2018 Rating: 5


Avi said...

Taylor for COTW

John E. said...

2nd Taylor for COTW. I’m also a huge fan of the Coyotes color rush jersey, well done!

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