Tuesday: Predspalooza

Hi folks, welcome back to HJC for a special Nashville edition of the Tuesday post. Today's concepts feature entries currently in our Predators redesign competition. It's a top three vote, so be sure to cast your votes, as well as for COTW, before Friday.

COTW November 16-22 vote (ends Friday at 12pm ET)
Nashville Predators Top 3 vote (ends Friday at 12pm ET)
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Danny R.- Nashville Predators

First up, Danny's entry. I love the crest logo; the stylized N fits the theme perfectly, and setting it on a guitar pick completes it. On the road, however, it would have been better to have the guitar pick to not be yellow, to bring it out better. The primary logo on the shoulders works, but I prefer when both sides face forward. The design is simple, much like the current look, but increasing the stripe thicknesses makes the uniform more interesting and compelling. The pants stripe tapers slightly towards the bottom, a little idea with a big impact. The termination of the sleeve stripe on the road alternate wisely follows the same idea.

Grade: A-

Mac W.- Nashville Predators

Up next, Mac's entry. The design falls short at the checkerboard pattern; it's far too small and intricate for a hockey jersey. It's illegible from the stands, and overwhelming from the ice. The redrawn logo seems flat and doesn't jump out enough to be a primary, while the thin outlines give it more of a clip-art vibe than it wants. The alternate is trying to separate itself from the primary with its logo and font selections, but since it's stuck on the same template, it awkwardly remains too similar.

Grade: D

Taylor R.- Nashville Predators

Last today, Taylor's entry. The design, similar to Danny's, thematically matches the Preds' current look in its simplicity, but the increased stripe thickness and colored shoulders also makes for more interest. The simpler font goes along with the idea well, too. The color selection on the white jersey could be reconsidered; between the white base, blue pants, and blocks of yellow elements, the design lacks a clear hierarchy, in which color grabs my attention first. As the result, it's a bit more chaotic than intended. The logo selection is predictable, but it certainly works with the primary logo on the crest and Nashville's fantastic guitar pick shoulder patch.

Grade: B+

Since all three concepts are in an ongoing competition, I won't award a COTW nomination today. That's it from me; keep your stick on the ice.

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