Thursday: Michiganders, They're Called Chili Dogs!

Welcome to another Thursday post!

Be sure to wish our admin Ryan a happy birthday in the comments! Also post your favourite obscure Leaf too, he'll love being reminded of Kris Newbury!

Hope you all had a wonderful halloween, got drunkypoo if you wanted to, got candy if that's your thing, and had an awesome costume. Yours truly chose to hand out candy dressed as Red Green. For those of you not from the Great Lakes region or Canada, give him a watch on Youtube, if you do then, keep your stick on the ice!

Here are your voting reminders for the week, today is the last day full day of these votes!

COTW Oct. 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 12pm ET)
90's NHL ReDesign Competition (ends Friday at 12pm ET)
Jersey Nerds Podcast (new episode every week!)

And here are our NHL 90s redesign entires for the day!


Brooks F.

Matt G.


On with today's concepts!


Michigan University Wolverines NCAA Concepts (By: BurkusCircus)

It's pretty hard to make a bad Wolverines concept it's up to you to make it beter than the rest, and here Burkus does a pretty good job doing so with the alernate and navy jersey I say this as someone who doesn't really like Michigan in yellow, but overall the college vibe is kept without being an arched script over numbers. The alterante does this espeically well, and colour balancing is near perfect. The yellow jersye isn't bad persey but, but i's my least favourite for sure. The way around that I think would be to carfully add white to both jersey, whcih would involved toning down the yellow on the blue jersey's arms substantially.


Michigan State Spartans NCAA Concepts (By: BurkusCircus)

My prefered of the two Michigan teams, the Spartans have had some real stinkers of hockey jerseys in the past, including at one point Canada's abysmal 2006 Torino Olympic template. The alterante here is much stronger than anything the Spartans have had recently. I love the pseudo-vintage striping with the moden script and numbers....the same numbers as Michigan main set. The home and road here are awesome if not safe, it goes toegthe really nicely, but is a bit plain. I would advice laying off the Dallas numbers for a few concepts though, could lead to burnout.

9/10 COTW Nom from me!

Pittsburgh Pirates MLB Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

Outside of the Jays and Padres, the Pirates are one of those teams I really like to see do well. I remmber their gorgeous red jerseys and Canadian baseball legend Jason Bay. I see a lot of the more current Pirates in the striping and the numbers, as the team has really abandoned the pirate head in the past few seasons, and I think if you want it to work here, you'll need some red in the jeersey. I look at the home and it looks okay, but the road ESPECIALLY THE ARMS really doesn't, it makes me think...Rio Grande Killer Bees of the old CeHL. Also if you did want to go with the Pirates 2000s look I'd have used a shoulder patch!


Washington Capitals Concepts (By: Noah B.)

I see this concept and I think, it's one step away from being perfect. That being said, that step involves taking away something most Caps fans would probably love. The numbers, weagle, hemstripe all look great! This is how the Caps should go forward when they finally move on from the edge jerseys. The stars in the arms though....I've never liked the stars outside the 2015 WC and here is no exception. It dates the jersey 35 and is something that only belongs on throwbacks. A shoulder patch and helmet logo would further do this concept some good!


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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Ryan

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Ryan

I love watching the Red Green Show. Now I got the theme song stuck in my head.

Ben Shaffer said...

Noah's Caps for COTW.

Fun fact: Red Green got the idea to end his shows with "keep your stick on the ice" by reading my posts. True story.

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