Thursday: Lady (Liberty) in Red

Here we go, another Thursday post!

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Ben S.

On with today's concepts!


Toronto Blue Jays Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

I think we've all come to expect great things from a hockey crossover for the Blue Jays. The striping is fantastic here, I love the use of the dark and light blue in-between the white stripes. That being said, it works a lot more on the road than the home (this is baseball after all)...oh wait..it's the same design...Okay my opinion changes a bit here. The way the white jersey does this is better, and frankly the way the road is, it takes a minute to actually see the navy. The patriotic maple leaf on the arms is fantastic, and really adds colour seen only in the logo otherwise. Ditto for the numbers, they add a lot of character and are almost necessary on anything Blue Jays! 


New York Rangers Concepts (By: Justin B.)

Oh boy, a Rangers in red concept! Now I'm not TOTALLY against the idea, but you'd have sell it hard, as not quite at Blue Jackets level, the Rangers seem to be a team it's best to stick in red. That being said I think Justin does his best. The striping here is solid, does a good job correcting what the Lady Liberty jerseys didn't get right in hem striping, and carrying over red pants is a solid idea when paired with all the blue. I really like the change from grey to white in the primary logo, helps bring the jersey together. Furthermore, as a colour rush jersey, this sells it, as the colours are bold and vibrant, but not over the top and in your face, there's enough navy to make this work! 

9/10 COTW Nom from me! 

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Mac W.)

Speaking of Columbus.....Okay so on the one hand the home and road are really nice striping wise. I like the addition of red to the alternate while also keeping the grey around to distinguish it from past Winnipeg jerseys. The primary logo is best reserved as a shoulder patch and the cannon logo proudly on the front if not the current primary....then we get to the alternate. Now kudos to you for experimenting with a red Columbus jersey and using Stinger as the primary, but it really does look like a Lady Liberty variant. The numbers on the back are way too large on all 3 jerseys, and to me, Stinger looks best in his usual shade of green.


Alaska Aces ECHL Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

It's been less than a year since our beloved Aces bit the dust, and Jordan gives them a solid reboot. The upper arm stripes is really cool, something I could see working in the lower leagues. Joradn's logo is fantastic, has enough polar personality to kick Carlton the boring dumbass Bear to the curb for good! Maybe one thing the home and road could use is ice blue in the striping, and maybe some very thin amounts of forest green. The vintage style alternate, that being the black one, is the best one by far. Reminds me of the classic circa 2010 Aces, and the stars from the Alaskan flag are fantastic. The bright ice jersey is solid too, but I think black pants would seal the deal! 

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Unknown said...

There is one little thing about the alternate, I try to pay tribute to the Cleveland Barons by doing something similar to there jersey design and if you look inside the collar, I put "we salute you" in it based off the blue jackets' goal horn songs.

Alan John Herbert said...

Justin B's Rangers concept gets a COTW nom from me!

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