The Digital Six

Adidas has partnered with EA Sports to create a brand new set of NHL jerseys that will only be available in EA Sports' NHL 19 video game!

In an unprecedented move, Adidas has created jerseys for the Original Six exclusively for this game. The designs are trendy and forward thinking and they caught the attention of a lot of people. Adidas provides us with a video detailing some of the ideas that went into this release.

As Frank and Matty laid out in the video, this is what the future of hockey could look like (ugh). According to Adidas, these jerseys speak to what is currently happening in the NHL. The designs are meant to be different with "loud and energetic design elements". Frank tells us in the video that his job is to constantly push forward and not take a step back. I can't help but find this comment humourous when the company that he works for just released 7 alternate jerseys this season that we have previously seen in the past 50 seasons.


This may be the most realistic of the six jerseys. This has a patriotic theme, but in Bruins' black and gold. I really like the spoked B logo with the stars around it and the two shades of black. The socks don't seem to fit well with the uniform, but I think just using all of those gold stripes would be dynamite there.


This jersey seems inspired by the jerseys from the 30's with all of those stripes. Except on this version Adidas has used all of the colours from the Hawks' logo. I think this could be a very plausable jersey to see in an actual NHL game if the green and white traded places.


This jersey is not unique or forward thinking at all. It's essentially the 2009 Winter Classic jersey with the modern logo. Here at HJC we are emailed some version of this concept every 6 months. This one is just fine, but seems to go against all of the ideals that were laid out in the video at the beginning of this post.


Again, this seems like something we could actually see during a NHL game. I picture this as a Stadium Series jersey. It comes across to me as a battle between Adidas trying to do something new and modern and the Habs wanting to keep the core of their storied identity.


I think almost every concept artist has thought about creating this concept, but also knowing at the same time that it would never ever come to life. And this is exactly why! This jersey is crazy and hideous. It belongs exclusively in a video game.


Again, this is a concept that many artists have thought about. Adidas came right out an said that this is heavily based on the 1972 Team Canada Summit Series jersey. But then they took it too far by explaining that all players in NHL 19 will wear a blue tinted visor with this jersey to represent the frosted city of Toronto in the middle of winter. Because you know how everything freezes over with ice in Toronto in the winter????? Apparently the points of the leaf on the jersey is meant to represent the city of Toronto's skyline, which conflicts the logo's unveiling which says that the 31 points on the logo represent 1931 and the opening of Maple Leaf Gardens.

Everyone loves a list and everyone loves to debate a list. So, without further ado...a list!

#1 - Boston Bruins
     - this is the jersey I would most like to see make it into real life

#2 - Montreal Canadiens
     - As a one-time use deal, this could work in the NHL

#3 - Chicago Blackhawks
     - There may be a few to many colours here, but change a few of the colours around and this isn't that bad

#4 - Toronto Maple Leafs
     - It's fun to see this concept in NHL 19 and then it will be okay if it simply goes away

#5 - Detroit Red Wings
     - This jersey is not unlike a glue stick. I'll never think of it until it's needed for a few seconds, and then I'll put it back in the drawer for another couple of years

#6 - New York Rangers
     - Okay guys hahaha, very funny. Now where's my traditional Rangers that should never ever change?

Let's hear what you guys think about the Digital Six jerseys from Adidas and EA Sports below in the comments.
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