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Happy Friday, ladies and gents!

No TC hasn't suddenly been granted Canadian citizenship, it's Wednesday writer Justin returning the favor for TC covering for me on Halloween. While there's no skeleton jerseys to review today, last night offered perhaps the most anticipated jersey offering of the 2018-19 Season, as least to those of us at HJC. Thursday, November 1 was Wild Wing night.

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As part of the 25th anniversary celebration, the Ducks threw back to perhaps the most infamous sweater in NHL history. While its a welcome return, there's a couple things I would've liked to see done differently. 

1) Don't restrict this beauty to warm-ups. If the Canadiens can do 5 different anniversary jerseys in a season, surely we can see Wild Wing get some genuine ice-time. 
2) Semi-related, but the players should really be wearing their alternate equipment, seeing Wild Wing on top of orange and bronze socks just felt like a disservice. 
3) Where's the shoulder patches? The originals had the Mighty Duck mask on the shoulders, but here they're nowhere to be found.... 
4) Remove the Adidas logo from the chest. Now, I completely understand why it's there. Gotta promote your brand and all. But it can only be a true throwback if the makers mark is given the boot.

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On to the concepts!
Burkus Circus.- NYI vs. NJD Color Rush
We start the day with Burkus' take on a color rush battle between the island and the shore. I like the take on New York here. I'm very disappointed the didn't unveil a orange home this season and this shows just how nice it could've been. NY logo looks great on the chest and borrowing the striping of the primary sets works well, although not a creatively as it could. The cup-count stripes in the #OB is a unique idea that I entirely respect, I'm just not sure I'm equally on board. The Devils concept falls flat for me here. Though I appreciate swinging for the fences and enjoy the Devils equally as a green or black team, I simply don't think their identity works as green and black. Completely disregarding the colors, the design is just a simple re-color of their edge homes, so there's not much to latch onto there.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
One of these things is not like the other, and that's a bad thing.

Burkus Circus.- NYI vs. NJD Color Rush

Burkus Color Rush: Take 2. Here we get another look at a team that disappointed me with their alternate. With the beautiful Los Tiburones logo set available to them, its a shame the Sharks have done anything with it beyond a fan giveaway. The sharks look great in orange and teal and in my opinion the main issue with their current look is not leaning on orange enough. Fortunately this look solves that. For Seattle's unnamed expansion team, we get a look inspired by the Seattle Milloinaires logo set and the Seahawks color scheme. It's a good traditional looking jersey, but just like the Seahawks, I don't think that green is doing you any favors,

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
The Real Deal in Teal and a set that makes me far from Green with Envy

Lucas D.- San Diego Padres (MLB)
Lucas continues his MLB series with the San Diego Padres. First off, the Padres are kind of like the Canucks of the MLB, with so many color schemes and logo sets and no fan consensus of which is the best. I'll clear that up right now: The 'nucks are a blue and green team and the Friars are brown and gold. Lucas caters to my bias here by opting for my preferred color scheme for the Spanish fathers. I love a good truncated yoke and the Shooting Friar logo is something I would immediately purchase on a t-shirt if it was ever put into production. Beautiful work across the board here.

Overall Rating: 9.75/10
An immaculate look for the Priests of San Diego here.

Noah B.New York Islander
Noah proves here that an Islanders black alternate is not necessarily a bad thing. Though they've had hearty swings and misses on the first two goes at it, I think  a look like this could really work. With the prominence of white in the yoke, logo, and hem, Noah allows the orange and blue to really pop even on a black primary. The name and number in solid white plays off the chest logo quite well and provides a satisfying balance to the set. As I said earlier, I had hoped for an orange alternate from the Isles this year, but if this what what they had unveiled, I'd be far from disappointed.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10
They may be on a timeshare, but maybe time's not yet run out for a Brooklyn-based Isles alt

That's all for today folks. 

This week's COTW Nomination heads to Lucas' San Diego Padres Concept

Like what you see? Hate what you see? Want to see something different?
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We'll see you all next week!
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