Ducks Throwback #3 - 1995 Wild Wing Jersey

On Thursday the Ducks showcased the third of nine throwback warm-up jerseys.


This jersey is perhaps the most unique jersey of the nine throwbacks that will be worn. This one is a replica of the 1995-96 alternate jersey, which has garnered the nickname the "Wild Wing Jersey".

The Ducks have worn this jersey in warm-ups almost as many times as they wore it in-game! The Wild Wing jersey appeared in three games during the 95-96 season and in addition to this past Thursday, some Ducks also wore the jersey for warm-ups on January 11, 2015 as part of Teemu Selanne's jersey retirement.

Photo: ShandyLo.blogspot.com  (c. 2015)
This jersey was the throwback that I personally was looking forward to the most. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Before I dip into the disappointment, let's look at was good.The colours and sublimation of the art looked very accurate. The arm and hem stripes looked to be in their proper locations and with accurate thickness. They even perfected the captain's letters overlapping Wild Wing's stick!


And now for the bad. On the original sweaters the yokes came to a point at the ends, but on the 2015 edition and this year's warm-up edition the jersey manufacturers decided to just go with the easier and cheaper rounded yokes. The classic Mighty Ducks logo as the shoulder patch is also missing (as it was in 2015). And of course the Adidas logo is present. Although I have come to terms with that on these throwbacks. These are the details that make or break jerseys.

Overall this was a disappointment. I was willing to overpay and go above and beyond to get one of these jerseys. After discovering the missing shoulder patches and the rounded yokes I am going to stay away from this edition and continue to wait for a XXL to pop up on eBay at the right price. I've waited this long, what would another 9 years matter?

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