Wednesday: A Spooky Shakeup for Halloween

Hey y'all, and Happy Halloween.  No, JB hasn't suddenly embraced the Southern way of life, it's Friday writer TC covering for him on this wonderful holiday.  Personally, I think it's a crime that the Flyers don't play tonight, as they have the perfect Halloween color scheme.  about a decade ago I was playing football on Halloween night for a team wearing orange and black jerseys, and while it was the absolute coldest game I ever played in, there was something special about it.  We won handily, perhaps with a little help form Halloween magic, and we looked good doing it.  Seeing as the only teams playing tonight are the Blackhawks and the Canucks, I have to give this year's Best Halloween Uniform Award to the Orlando Solar Bears.  

These skeleton unis look great, and the dedication needed to continue it onto the breezers and socks paid off quite well.  While the only thing really tying these jerseys into the team is the shoulder patch, the spooky Halloween theme more than makes up for the lack of team uniqueness.  

In voting news, we have the regular COTW vote for October 19-25, with polls closing Friday at noon EDT.  Additionally, we are in the middle of our 90's NHL ReDesign Competition, so be sure to get your designs in by Friday at noon EDT.  

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Now on to today's concepts!

Brooks F.- Buffalo Sabres

Our first concept of the day is Brooks F.'s design for the Buffalo Sabres.  As a child of the 90's, I love the Goathead logo, it was great for its time, and I honestly think it rivals the current logo.  This design takes the curved striping of the original Goathead jerseys, but utilizes a more traditional striping pattern.  The color balance across the set is solid, but I'm not quite sure that I'm sold on the red yoke.  Font choice is solid, but I would have preferred the sworded B logo as a shoulder patch rather than the crossed swords used here.  Final verdict: a solid update on the Goathead, and a few small changes would perfect it.  8.5/10

Burkus Circus- Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues Color Rush

Our next concept for the day is Burkus Circus' latest design for his NHL Color Rush series, this one for the Wild and Blues.  On the Wild jersey, I'm not a huge fan of the roundel as the primary logo, especially since the Wild have such a strong logo.  Additionally, I'm not a fan of replacing their traditional wheat with white, it kind of robs them of their identity.  Finally, I'm not that huge on the shoulder patch being moved to the striping, it doesn't really look that great with this striping pattern.  For the Blues jersey, the roundel works a little better considering the Blues' primary logo, but the lack of hem stripe really hurts this one.  While the number in the striping works okay here, the choice of the Ducks' font just doesn't work for me.  Final verdict: an okay set, but it kind of seems like you're just throwing things in the arm striping for the sake of it.  7/10

Lucas D.- Philadelphia Phillies

Next up is Lucas D., who brings us a design for the Philadelphia Phillies of the MLB.  I love the use of the simple striping pattern that matches across the set and yet gives each jersey its own unique design.  The logo choice is great, and the little crack in the striping is a genius way to tie into the team's identity.  Gear and presentation look great, as per usual.  Final verdict: a great looking crossover set whose elegance lies in its simplicity.  9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

Noah B.- Michigan Wolverines

Our final concept of the day is Noah B.'s design for the University of Michigan Wolverines.  The striping across the set looks good, albeit a little too busy for my liking.  Logo and font choice are solid, and the blue yoke on the white jersey does a great job of bringing in some much needed color.  Alternate is the obvious choice, bringing out maize as the dominant color.  Final verdict: a solid design for the Wolverines, but a bit too much going on in the striping.  8/10

That's all for me this Halloween, see y'all later in the week!
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