Sunday: Back in the Saddle

Hi everybody. Welcome back to HJC. Steve here with another great Sunday post. Thank you to Justin for covering last week for me due to myself getting married. The rumor of two HJC writers finally meeting up there was (sort of) true. BPoe, resident fill in and behind the scenes guy, came to my wedding and it was finally nice to meet the man in person after talking with him through our podcasts and through our other means of communication.

Before we get to our concepts today, I'd like to talk about a recent alternate jersey that was unveiled and worn for the first time over the weekend by the Moose Jaw Warriors.

Photo Via Moose Jaw Warriors Twitter
I have to admit that I'm a fan of the Warriors going with the moose as a logo. The current logo they use started from the 80's and has been changed around a few times since then. Plus you have the "PC" people who probably want them to get rid of the logo and replace it with something less appropriative. However, the Warriors missed the mark a bit on this one. While the logo is nice, it looks like they attempted to rip off the Manitoba Moose logo. I get that there's the Mooseheads up in Halifax but you can come up with a more original Moose logo.

Also of concern is the jersey template. The Warriors currently use the Isles' Brooklyn jersey template. The problem with that is that the jersey is already dated and just has a real lack of color to it. four stripes that are no thicker than piping do not work for striping. Come up a jersey that incorporates the colors of the team more prominently.

Now that I have my little rant out of the way, We've got a new competition coming up soon that will be officially announced at any moment so be prepared for what it is. Also, don't forget to vote for concept of the week, as well as give a vote or second any concepts you want to see in the voting.

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Okay let's get to the concepts!

Ben S- Utica Comets
Positives: Love that you're going with the green jersey as the primary. The green alternate's superiority over the other jerseys is underplayed and you do a good job of matching the away jersey to it. Also, I like the fauxback idea as an alternate.
Negatives: I don't know what it is about the skate in rink inspired logo but the U feels to skinny to me. Also, the brush script "Utica" on the helmets just feels off compared to the rest of the uniform. Also, the white jersey feels a little bare. maybe add some chicago style cuffs on it? just a little more color would help it.
Overall: 8.5/10

Burkus C- Hurricanes Vs Predators
Positives: The Canes jersey is great. I love the warning flag striping with the original warning flag logo on the chest and that red yoke really brings everything together. Also, I like that you added a navy yoke to the predators jersey.
Negatives: The color rush is an idea a lot of people try but can't seem to pull of perfectly and, unfortunately, this is no exception. The white hem on the Canes jersey really throws the entire design off. I get that you were trying to help the warning flags stand out but they can stand out on there own without the white. As for the Preds jersey, it doesn't really look like you changed all that much on it. All I see with it is that you straightened the arms and added a yoke. Color Rush is to not have white in the striping and these two jersey just look more like alternates than anything.
Overall: 6.5/10

Burkus C- Flames Vs Oilers 
Positives: This design is more on point with Color Rush. The black flames jersey looks really good with the red yoke and cuffs. As for the Oilers' jersey, I like that you went thin stripes to give the white as the primary color. Also, the yoke stripe looks nice and gives the jersey a nice balance.
Negatives: The Flames "C" logo is not centered. I get why you did that but it's not centered on the jersey. Also, the use of the same jersey template throughout feels lazy. some teams would look better with a rounded yoke.
Overall: 7.25/10

Lucas D- New York Yankess 
Positives: You have a lot of guts trying to do the Yankees Lucas, but you did a good job. I really like the thin striping on the jersey with the thick hem stripe and cuffs. It's a totally different design from what we've always seen but it works so well with the interlocking "NY". also, the stripes in the yoke look great.
Negatives: My only negative is that baby square yoke you have due to the stripes. I get what you were trying to do but it looks a little awkward.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Okay everybody that's all I have for this week. Come back next week for some more great concepts by you and don't forget to listen to the jersey nerd podcast. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys next week!
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