Monday: Thankful for Jerseys

Today is Thanksgiving for myself and my fellow Canadians. So while we all enjoy spending time with our families and turkey dinners, if you're reading this on Thanksgiving then you must also be thankful for hockey jerseys. And from the writers here at HJC, we are thankful for everyone who takes their time to read our posts, send in their concepts and listen to our podcasts.
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Adam G. – Houston Rockets
Mondays first concept is from Adam continuing his NBA series. I will give some credit for creativity, but the whole thing just feels a bit empty. The striping is fantastic and would be unique among any other hockey jerseys. However, the logo doesn’t seem to work that well as a primary logo. I think using it as a shoulder patch may be better and the script may be better served on the front of the jersey. The pants could also use a stripe on the sides, especially when used with the red jersey.

Overall – 6.5/10

Jay S. Allegheny Badgers
I had to do some research for this one. The Allegheny Badgers are a youth hockey organization in Pennsylvania. This design feels like it’s taking the team identity from youth league to the pros. It’s a fairly basic design but it really works. The colour balancing is well done. My only complaint is that the numbers could use a red outline on both jerseys. I was also somewhat disappointed that there’s no view of the back of the jersey. I was hoping to see what the letter font would be considering the font used on the logo that says “BADGERS” is quite interesting.

Overall – 7/10
TC – Indianapolis Colts
Next up is TC with some more NFL crossovers. The Colts have a very basic logo, but it looks surprisingly nice on a hockey jersey. The secondary logo looks good too. You could swap logos between both sets and these are still very nice jerseys. The primary set is beautiful. The yoke is definitely needed to bring out just a bit more colour and prevents it from looking plain. And that double striping looks fantastic. The alternate set is very nice too. I like how the striping changed from 2 sets of double stripes to 1. I don’t find the striping on the shoulders, it doesn’t hurt the design, but I think it would be equally as nice without it. Kudos for thinking outside the box though.

Overall – 9/10 COTW nominee
TC - Minnesota Vikings

And finally, we have a Minnesota Vikings concept. First off, the yellow on the shoulders turning into the striping, A+. Fantastic idea. The secondary logo gets washed out on the shoulders on the home and away and I feel the primary logo suffers the same fate on white jersey. If the away jersey was yellow instead of white, I think it would make the set better. The alternate looks great. Changing the number font to match the more basic style of the jersey was a good decision. Regarding changing the away jersey to yellow, you could change the alternate to white or leave it yellow. Either way the alternate is the best jersey of the 3.

Overall – 7.5/10

And finally we have 3 entries for the Buffalo Sabres Redesign contest. They are:

SR Graphix
Danny R

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