Monday: A Colo(u)rful Day

Welcome to another Monday post. Today we will be looking at concepts from the AHL, an NHL Color Rush matchup and an MLB crossover with a custom logo. I also want to add that I got my first Adidas third jersey so keep an eye out for my review of that.

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Ben S. - Wilkes Barre/Scranton Penguins
From the land of Michael Scott is our first concept of the day with a new take on the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Penguins. I'll start off by saying I like this set a lot, although it may not sound like it later. It pays homage to different eras in the Pittsburgh Penguins history. The diagonal script that harkens back to their inaugural season as well as 1992-1997 and the design of the sleeve which was first seen in 1980 and brought back recently and is being used currently. Flipping the logo is a nice touch. The alternate compliments the other jerseys well. I like the striping and although I'm not sure if the hem stripe has any significance to the WBS area, I love it regardless. I also really like the white keystone on the shoulders. Now my biggest issue is that other than the "WBS" on the helmet there is no real way to differentiate this from a Pittsburgh concept. I also think the alternate should have the logo flipped to keep some uniformity. And my final critique is that I think the Flyers would call shenanigans on the name bar. However as I said, I do like this set and I feel that the good outweighs the bad.

Overall 7.5/10

Burkus Circus - Chicago Blackhawks & Detroit Red Wings
Next is a Color Rush match up between the Blackhawks and Red Wings. The Color Rush concept is the ONLY time I will tolerate the colour being removed from the Blackhawks logo. The way its colourized here works perfectly for Color Rush. The striping still makes this feel like a Blackhawks jersey and the sleeve patch is something that has been used on special event/throwback jerseys in the past. I don't know about a yoke however because if were going Color Rush, I'd like to see more of the primary colour. Having said that if this wasn't dedicated to being a Color Rush jersey then yes, the yoke would work. And I noticed that this isn't the Blackhawks usual number font which is a let down because I just love the slight difference that's especially noticeable on the number 7.

As for the Red Wings jersey. I could see this design actually being used perhaps in a Stadium Series game. The logo that they used in the 2016 Stadium Series is fantastic and I wish they would resurrect it in some fashion. Again with the yoke, I'd say the same thing I did for Chicago. Aesthetically it makes the jersey look better, but for Color Rush I think it should be focused on the jerseys primary colour. I'm not crazy about using Dallas' number font either. All in all though these are really fantastic concept. My main criticisms are the yokes and they actually make the jerseys look better, but just don't jive with the idea behind them. Having said that these may be my 2 favourite designs in my first month with HJC.

Overall - 9.5/10 COTW Nominee

Lucas D - Minnesota Twins
Batting third in the lineup is a Twins crossover. At first glance I thought it was a New Orleans Pelicans crossover until I looked closer. I really like gold being used as a prominent colour as it makes a unique colour scheme for a hockey jersey. The striping is pretty basic but well executed and balanced. I think it could use a shoulder patch of either their TC or M logos, but that's not a make or break detail.

Overall - 7/10

My review of the jersey was shorter than most because I didn't mention the logo and for good reason. Below we will review the logo that was made special for this hockey crossover. Let's check it out.

Let me give credit right off the bat (get it?) to Lucas for making a custom Minnesota Twins hockey logo. He could have taken the easy way out and used another Twins logo and slapped it on the front and called it a day. instead, he went the extra mile and replace ball caps, a bat, baseball pants and cleats with helmets, a stick, a hockey glove, hockey pants, socks and skates. The editing is so well done that you wouldn't think there was any editing done. everything blends in. The only thing that is keeping this from being a perfect 10 for me is the helmet blocking part of the wordmark. While we all know it says "Twins", the cynic in me sees "Tiiiins. So to Lucas, I apologize for being so cynical. This is truly fantastic and I appreciate the effort and dedication you put into this.

Overall - 9.25/10

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