Monday: Cloudy With a Chance of Jerseys

It's Monday and I'm now on my 3rd week as a writer so I guess I don't completely suck at this. We have some fun concepts to go over today. The theme this week seems to be inspired by bad weather, so readers, please try to stay dry while reading. Also as mentioned on yesterdays post, congratulations to Steve on getting married this past weekend.

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Let's take a look at some concepts now, shall we?

Brooks - Bhutan
Our first concept has an international flavour to it. I really like this design for the most part. I think the colours work really well together and give me a bit of a Canucks vibe. The diagonal striping works here as it stays true to the flag. I'm not crazy about horizontal and angled striping though as I think it should be one or the other. The gold helmet is a bit different, but perhaps there is a significance to it that I'm not aware of. It's also a shame that the coat of arms was relegated to a shoulder patch because of the intricate details on it, but I get it. As I already mentioned its staying true to the flag. I would love to see an alternate jersey using the coat of arms as the primary logo.

Overall - 7/10

Jay S. - Quad City Storm
Oh the Quad City Storm. I miss the Quad City Mallards more every time I see or hear about the Storm. Jay did perhaps the best thing you could possibly do with the Storms' jersey. A script alternate with that logo as a shoulder patch. I really like that shade of blue as an accent and it makes the alternate jersey pop. This is just a really well balanced jersey. I think it's tough to make grey, black and white stand out and it really does here. Just using the script here was perfect as well because the grey tornado thing holding a lightning bolt hockey stick would be washed out with the grey from the jersey. Just an amazing jersey in my opinion.

The home and away jerseys don't hold up as well in comparison. Even though I think the logo is goofy, the use of the lightning bolt striping works as it ties into their name and logo. Maybe a thicker arm stripe would work better as the arms just look a bit bare. I don't have much to say about these, good or bad. They're just plain minus the adventurous striping. I think that the grey alternate is fantastic though.

Home & Away Overall - 5.5/10
Alternate Overall - 9/10 COTW Nominee

Steven G - Carolina Hurricanes
Finally, we have 2 new looks for the Carolina Hurricanes. One is a completely new design, and the other is a tweaking of a current/previous design. For the first set, I think its a really neat idea but I do have a few critiques of it. First off the font isn't bad, but Carolina has a history of unique fonts so it feels a bit out of place on a Hurricanes jersey. I'm fine with the shoulder numbers, but the hurricane flags being so high up on the arm makes the upper portion of the jersey feel crammed. There just seems to be a lot of empty space. I feel like their GIANT new alternate logo would fit better on this set than their primary logo.

This set feels like a love child between their most recent Reebok design and their current Adidas design. And I don't mean that as a slight, I think both sets could use aspects from one another. The red jersey is missing just a bit of black on the cuffs and the hem. It's dangerously close to looking like pyjamas and I think the black would separate the colours nicely. The collars are done better than the current design and the hem is closer to the original 'Canes hem with the more pronounced hurricane flags. The away is very close to their current design, adding the warning flag hem and some red to the bottom of the sleeves. This white jersey would match their current home jersey nicely

1st set Overall - 5\10
2nd set Overall - 7.75/10

That's all I have for you this week. Thank you for braving the storm with me. I know these concepts blew us all away (pun intended). Until next week.

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