Wednesday: Seven is Heaven

Happy Humpday, ladies and gents!

7 concepts on tap today, so we're gonna jump right in.


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On to the concepts!
Adam G.- Los Angeles Clippers (NBA)
Adam starts us off in LA with a look at his take on the clippers.  Primaries are solid and the colors work really well how they are laid out. Given the dominance of blue on the home, I would swap red and blue on the away though. Props for using the old logos on the primaries considering how much of a step back their (relatively) recent rebrand was. That being said the modern look on the alternate works really. Swap red for orange and you have a concept I worked on a while back for a potential Isles alt using their full color pallet including Brooklyn black. The boxy numbers work really well playing off the boxy look  of the alternate logo, but do leave a but to be desired on the main set

Overall Rating: 8.5/10
A clipper ready to set sail, but one that needs a bit more if it wants to lead an armada.

Adam G.- Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)
From the open sea to the lake, we head across LA to the Lakers. Adam draws from their side panel look to create a unique look that I could only imagine would fall victim to negative feedback if actually implement, but... as a concept I love it. It's a beautiful blend of a distinctive design feature for the clippers with a very realistic hockey design trend (albeit a frowned upon one). The alternate woks as well, giving me some strong LA Kings glory days vibes. Gotta love any look that conjures up images of the old forum blue and gold.

Overall Rating: 9.0/10
A Laker's look fit for a king. King James, that is...

Ben S.Manitoba Moose
From sunny California to frosty freezy frozen Manitoba, Ben gives us a look at the minor league Moose. The home works wonderfully, drawing from the parent club's full length yoke while keeping its own identity through different colouring and a different striping patter. The away attempts to do the same, but falls short as the grey is way to prominent. Swap that with the navy from the home and you've got another winner. The alternate suffers from similar issues where the beautiful striping pattern is hampered by the lack of contrast between the grey and lighter blue. An issue only hampered by navy equipment with so little navy in the jersey. Swap grey for navy again and we're on the right track.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10
Colour balance is the name of the game here and, unfortunately, the scales are nowhere close to even.

Ben S.Milwaukee Admirals (MLB)
Now there's some beautiful color balance! Ben moves to Milwaukee with an upper-arm look for the Admirals. Pairing the upper arm fill with the cuffs creates a unique look I don't think I've ever seen before but one that I do think works. Love the striping consistency throughout, though I'd swap the hem stripes to match the striping beneath the upper-arm fill exactly. The alternate is equally as beautiful, but the cresting on the front concerns me greatly. Having such a large patch on the upper chest would only feel awkward on the players and that's excepting the issue of captain's patch placement. The diagonal MILWAUKEE does plenty on its own and doesn't need any supplement. I'd remove the primary logo entirely and move the Preds logo to the should to give the wordmark room to breathe.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
My grandma used to always fix everything by patching here. Unfortunately, its the patches causing the issue here, so I don't think she can offer any aid. 

Brooks F.New York Islanders
I never thought anything would beat the striping on the original fisherman, but this might just do it. The absence of white on the home allows the real stars of the set (orange and teal) to take all the spotlight they deserve. This pattern transitions into a full-length yoke and hem fill on the road which works to wonderfully balance the colors in an identical striping pattern. The #OB font matches that of the logo nicely, but I'd love to see a similar drop shadow added to really lean into the look. Unsure why there's no NHL logo in the collar... I know the Isles lost Tavares this summer, but that haven't fallen that far just yet.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10
Beautiful work here by Brooks adapting perhaps the most iconic jersey into the modern era.

TC Moore.Carolina Panthers (NFL)
We finish out the day with two from TC. The first for the Carolina Panthers of the NFL. The Panthers have my favourite color pallet of any NFL team and TC adopts it beautifully. The full length yokes allow a whole lot of Carolina Blue to be injected in to the set and, to me, that's a beautiful beautiful thing. The fact that the arms striping is the same on all three (just extended on the alt) really satisfies me, though it creates a bit of a disconnect between the arms and hem of the primary. TC, whatever you need to do to make it happen, please get that alt put into production. I'd buy it in an instant.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10
A Panther's look ready to pounce.

TC Moore.New England Patriots (NFL)
Last but not least, TC's take on the Pats, again with a full-length yoke. Really like the look of the road and alt here, but the home leaves me wanting more. Silver has never really fit the Patriots for me, despite all their on field success in it. If that yoke was white, everything would pop so much more and we'd be in business. TC get's backed into a corner a bit on logo choice here as none of the Pats logos translate particularly well to hockey, but he makes the most of it. Again, the alt is the star of the show and I'm starting to realize that maybe it is a good thing these alts don't exist, there's only so much cash in my wallet...

Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Red, white, and blue. Let's keep it that way

That's all for today folks. 

This week's COTW Nomination heads to  Brooks's New York Islanders Concept

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