Thursday: Thanks for the Saves, Pavs!

Welcome to the Thursday post!

Jets96 here, on a new day, the day I have written the least on. In my 6 years of writing I have written 4 of those years on Monday, 2 years on Friday, and now, 1 week of Thursdays, along with filling in every other day on occasion, not to mention the news stories and occasional Op-Eds.

Basically, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Wanted to start the post by giving a special shoutout and wishing a happy retirement to my favourite of Winnipeg Jets goaltenders of all time, Ondrej Pavelec. Was he inconsistent at times? Of course! That being said, as a Winnipeg Jets starter, he was pretty solid! For much of his career, when he turned the jets (no pun intended) on, he was one of the best goalies in the NHL. He was always able to make critical saves, able to at times put teams on his back and in 2014-15, played some of the best hockey I've ever seen in a Winnipeg Jets starter. He was one of the few Atlanta carryovers who really seemed to embrace the new identity despite the lack of success.

On a personal note I attended Winnipeg's first game in Toronto when they returned. I remember being in the upper bowl behind the Winnipeg net, with about 5 or 6 other Jets fans in the entire arena. During a TV time out, Andy Frost welcomed Winnipeg back to the NHL and the entire ACC began a standing ovation. The Maple Leaf and Jets players saluted each other with stick taps and overall a great moment in Canadian pride after half a decade of pressure to get back Canada's 7th NHL team. Ondrej Pavelec turned around during this, and pointed to me with his glove hand and gave the equivalent to a thumbs up and smiled. At the time it was the greatest feeling, and made me feel like I as a fan mattered to a player I looked up to already. There was nothing more exciting at 15 years old to your favourite Jet acknowledging you as a fan.

 Pavs is one of the few players to retire where I saw their entire career. Idols like Arnott, Hasek, Roloson, Jovanovski, Jagr, Roberts, Lumme, Hoglund, and Yushkevich all played for years, sometimes decades before I ever started watching hockey let alone was born. Pavelec began playing in the NHL when I was in grade 7, I remember him fainting in Atlanta, entering the league amongst Moose & Lethonen, then becoming the starter, and his entire career with Atlanta, Winnipeg  and the Rangers.

Photo from Winnipeg Jets Official Facebook
I know Pavs will likely never read this, but if he ever does, you are a big reason I am such big Jets fans and you made my night, so thanks for that, you'll always be one of my favourite players in NHL history. I wish you all the best in retirement!

Now with me on Thursday, I'm the one who has to say "TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO" vote for COTW and get your Utah Grizzlies contest entries in before Friday @ Noon EST.

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Also don't forget to get the most recent JerseyNerds Podcast, where I show up late with a beer!

On with today's concepts!

Memphis Grizzlies NBA Concepts (By: Adam G.)

The Grizzlies have a colour scheme that when used properly could be one of the best in the NBA, but as of recent tends to underuse white and yellow in favour to mute double blue and grey as a way to distinguish themselves from the Nuggets. Adam does a good job reversing that, with solid big stripes and great logo choices. The issues with the "same pattern on both jerseys" thing is muted because it works, but changing the white jersey to have navy cuffs. The alternate is decent enough, the word mark isn't terrible, but a proper logo would look decent, maybe the claw logo?


Los Angeles Rams NFL Concepts (By: TC)

Damn this is gorgeous! The Rammies have basically two jerseys now, their white jerseys with the white/navy helmet and pants, and their usual white/navy/dull gold jerseys they've worn since 2001 in one way or another, and have retired the navy jersey, along with a yellow alternate. These finally put the team in a coherent set, with LA gold and blue used, with ram horns in the arms, their usual modern numbers, and the R with a horn on the shoulders. The stripes and colour layout remind of the Leafs, but their jersey history makes me think it works. The yellow jersey is a nice call back to their 1950s yellow jerseys, and the Rams script is strong enough to work as a primary. I like the addition of the old school Ram head to make it clear this is a throwback.

9.25/10 COTW Nom from me!

Kalamazoo Wings Concept (By: Brooks F.)

While the jersey itself is pretty basic, while completely solid, the logos are really where this concept excels. The primary logo does an excellent job typing in the eagle from the top of the flag, with a great colour lay out and a really uniquely designed script under the eagle. The shoulder logo is also pretty solid, doing an excellent job modernizing and frankly making a more presentable version of the classic art style eagle on the flag. Overall an excellent job, and a solid entry into the team's third jersey design competition, one which I certainly voted for.


Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Concepts (By: Adam G.)

And now we come to the team with the most outdated jerseys in the NBA, the Thunder. Their current city jersey with the native style pants and logo are honestly the direction the team should go in, not this...thing...but none the less Adam does his best to make it work. The colour balancing is much better than the actual jerseys, and a pretty solid I'll be it weirdly sized striping pattern. I think my biggest problem with these is the source material offers little to go off, and so sticking to that automatically limits you....that and word mark shoulder logos.


Tennessee Titans NFL Concepts (By: TC Moore)

I technically would call this concept based on the Titans outdated look, as recently the team rebranded after almost 20 seasons looking the same. This is probably the way I would have wanted the Titans to rebrand, with a lot more red. The home and road are solid, the angled striping fitting well with the logos. The alternate is my favourite look, with that Air McNair (RIP to a legend) navy look. It was a nice call by TC only put white on the logos and numbers on the home and alternate.


San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Steven G.)

It's a little tonuge/cheek to make a San Jose set based on the Black Hawks (not a typo) jersey, especially for those alive at the time (Re: Doug Wilson) but I really like it. The logo chosen for primary is fantastic, and works really well with the colour scheme. That being said is the NHL ready for teal gear? not sure! The ideal set is....it's decent. It's good blend of their current, original and original edge jerseys, but it's not really MY ideal set. I'm more a fan of the one up top, but still, I respect that Steven came out and says this is what he wants, can't question that!

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