Wednesday: FIGHT! AND WIN!

Back to Wednesdays for me here at HJC as we have come across big news ahead of the season. The Devils and Blues release throwback alternates, and the Ducks announce plans to revive EIGHT of the jerseys they've worn over their 25 years of existence, including the infamous Wild Wing jersey, which I want badly.

ISLANDERS ROAD TRIP! So I have been planning some things with friends, and it looks like I will be at the Islanders-Flyers preseason game in Allentown, PA (home of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms) for away day number 1 for the 2018-19 season. Feel free to reach out in the comments below if you want to meet up.

COMPETITIONS: Go Blue or Go Home, the Michigan Comp wraps up this Friday at noon eastern! Get your entries in now!


 U of Mich Competition Design (Entries Due Friday, Aug 31st @ noon EST) 
 COTW Vote Aug 17-23rd (ends Friday, Aug 31st @ noon EST) 


Burkus Circus: Kansas City Scouts Concept

Classic set adapted to the Adidas template with minor changes such as tamer striping, the KC standalone logo on the shoulders, and the elimination of the shoulder yoke, the latter of which I'm not a fan of. It looked gorgeous. Here it's elimination makes the jersey look more generic. Not a fan of the modern font either.

Rating: 80%

Jordan R: HK Burvji Valmiera Concept

Here we have a concept for a Latvian team I'll simply refer to as Valmiera, since that's all I can pronounce. I like the color scheme fitting the logo idea, as many associate purple with wizardry (outside of Kansas City soccer fans) in pop culture. The light blue works well as a trim. The striping pattern angled to form a V for Valmiera is genius. Maybe purple pants would be best.

Rating: 93%

Jordan R: HK Griffins Rezenke Concept

Ok imagine the St. Louis Blues, but more modern, and you get this. The custom logo isn't bad at all, though a little stagnant (Monmouth University comes to mind). Tying it all together with the city's coat of arms is great for this team, in addition to the roundel shoulder logos.

Rating: 95%

Lucas D: Seattle Sounders (MLS) Concept

Whenever I see anything associated with the Seattle Sounders, all I can think of is their weird capo leading the "Fight and Win, Come on Seattle" chant in the Emerald City Supporters section. Regardless, here's a nice rave green concept that works well with the Sounders branding, but one complaint I'll make is the excessive use of black. I don't think the numbers need to be black on either jersey. White on the greens and blue on the whites. Limit black to a trim color, because that's basically what it is in the logo with the exception of the Space Needle. Blue helmets work better.

Rating: 87%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Do you guys have any plans to travel during this upcoming NHL season? Let me know in the comments, and if it happens to be Brooklyn or Uniondale, I'll do what I can to go to those games. Also feel free to nominate a concept you like for Concept of the Week (with a valid Google account) or second a nomination already made. That's another thing we rely on you for as readers, so all comments (within reason) are appreciated. See you next week!
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