Tuesday: The French Empire (and Portland) Strikes Back

Hi folks, welcome back to HJC for the Tuesday post. First off, congratulations to Jeff T. on your HJC Open victory! It was well earned.

Next up, our new competition is an NCAA redesign for the University of Michigan Wolverines. Check out the rules, and get going on ideas! You have until the end of the month, so take your time.

COTW August 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
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Burkus C.- Colorado Rockies

Let's start with Burkus' continuation of his NHL defuncts, today for the Colorado Rockies. The chest stripe is a good look for this team, but how it's applied is what makes this concept shine. It's integration into the logo was genius, and the two-color scheme makes it the exact same pattern on both the home and road. Because the two color scheme works so well, the red and yellow seem out of place, especially the yellow, which has been confined to simply the logo, and is struggling to stand out from the white. Also on negatives, the split Adidas collar isn't my favorite, as I've lamented on in the past. Lastly, the logo selection and placement are commendable. The crest logo obviously couldn't have been anything else, and I like the C emancipated from the mountain on the secondary logo. This complements the theme set by the crest logo, and sets this jersey further apart from the pack, since this type of logo would usually go on the yoke.

Grade: A-

Dan H.- Detroit Red Wings

Dan takes us to the Motor City for my favorite team, the Red Wings. There isn't a whole lot to take in here; the theme is more or less the Centennial Classic jersey in red, with a new logo. Some of the subtle changes are warranted, while some aren't. Right away, I like that silver was dropped, and the Wings are in their true colors. The logos are welcomed as well; the winged wheel is just as good as a shoulder patch, and the old English D fits the club and city well, while shaking things up from the normal set. The changes that aren't warranted have to do with the striping. On the socks, the negative space between the white stripes are vastly different from the sleeve to the socks, when they clearly want to be the same. Also, the block of white on the hem is out of place. It's thickness is not only out of place next to the thin stripes throughout the rest of the design, but far too huge on it's own. It's veering dangerously towards the Capitals' cummerbund from last season's Stadium Series. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but the numbers are too large for a regular third. However, if this is for an outdoor game, the number size here would be appropriate for increased legibility.

Grade: D+

Jay S.- New Orleans Saints

Jay continues his NFL crossover series down in New Orleans. There are some designs you look at, and you have to ask yourself, how could it be anything else? This is one of those designs. The stripes are taken right off the Saints' helmets, and woven on to sweater in the classic hockey pattern, with a Louisiana state shoulder patch thrown on for good measure. While it's hard to find fault with the design, I can't help but feel it's a bit underwhelming. Maybe taking the theme and re-interpreting it to a hockey sweater?

Grade: B-

Lucas D.- Portland Timbers

Lucas ends today's post with another "football" crossover series. Lucas held on to this entry to use in the Open competition, and I can see why. The design is certainly different, but has the discipline of more traditional hockey looks. I love the colors; the yellow accents the green beautifully, and the white punctuates the design to make the axe and numbers stand out. The striping pattern is carried consistently throughout, taking the three yellow stripes out of the logo. The alternate is brilliant, more subtly paying homage to the logo by taking out the roundel and using green to form negative space to frame the yellow stripes. I also like the green yoke that pairs nicely with the pants, though I do wish there were yoke stripes to better reinforce that.

Grade: A

My COTW nomination goes to Lucas D.'s Portland Timbers. That's it for this week, I'll see you next week, 7 days closer to hockey season. Until then, keep your stick on the ice.

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TC Moore said...

I'll second Lucas' Timbers for COTW

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