Thursday: On the Move

Moving apartments tomorrow, so no time for an intro. Straight to the concepts today!

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On to the concepts!
BPoe.- Calgary Flames (Comic Sans Series)
Comic Sans takes Calgary. Not much to say on this one as it's a simple C-swap with no more to mention. As awful as it'd look, I'd like to see the flames themselves converge to rounded ends to really lean into the Comic Sans look

Overall Rating: 5.0/10
Not C-ing enough new on this one.

Jordan R.- Berlin Bears (Hockey Behind the Iron Curtain)
Jordan takes us to Soviet influenced Berlin for a look at 'da Bears, German style. This semi-matched, semi-mismatched striping pattern fits the era well and I love the logo placement on the left chest. Black equipment works wonderfully on the road look to give the color some prominence even with its absence in the jersey itself. Beyond the design, Jordan's concept presents a lesson to us all. Stuck in a design rut? Blow it up and see where it takes you. Beautifully done presentation that shatters any expectations we have for a jersey concept no matter the level. I sense a lot of COTW nominations in your future.

Overall Rating: 8.0/10
Jordan makes sure 'da Bears are looking 'da Best with this one

Lucas D.- Philadelphia Union 
With the MLS All-Star game taking place this week, there's no better time for a crossover concept and Lucas provides just what the doctor ordered. The Union have such a beautiful colorway and Lucas really takes that to his advantage here with a traditional look that lets the colors do the heavy lifting. As much as I typically like a white-less look, I think the home would benefit from a white upper stripe as well as white numbers if for nothing else than to provide some contrast with the large gold hem and cuffs. The number outline on the road serves little purpose as well, as the muted gold is lost almost entirely against the white body of the jersey.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
A quality look for the Union, but one leaving me wanting a bit more until I'm willing to be one with it.

Phil B.- St. Andrew's College

Phil flashes us back to earlier in the year with his St. Andrews College competition entry. Although solid looks across the board, I can't help but notice the lack of originality in these looks. The home and road are effectively a recolored Pens copy with a stripe removed and the alt matches the Wings Stadium Series look with the arm stripes just moved a bit up the sleeves. I will give you props for making the main set more consistent than the Pens current look, but beyond that, I'm struggling to find much to praise.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10
A look I know and love, but I'd like to have something new to know.

That's all for today folks. 

Jordan's Berlin Concept takes home this week's COTW Nomination. One of many more to come I presume...

We'll see you all next week!

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Ben Shaffer said...

Lucas D's Philadelphia for COTW.

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