Quad City Storm Release New Uniforms

Earlier today, our favorite punching bag, the Quad City Storm, took to twitter to unveil their new uniforms.  

The Storm have adopted a chest stripe for their jersey, a design trend that seems to be all the rage right now.  The pattern is thick grey stripes with thinner teal stripes bordering a blank stripe that matches the color of the jersey, which is actually a pretty decent design, but I think it has its flaws on both jerseys.  On the black jersey, the grey is a little to close to the black and blends into it a tad, and the teal that should really be the focal point is underutilized.  On the light grey jersey, the dark grey actually pops fairly well, but the way that the teal interacts with the lighter grey makes it seem like that the middle stripe is thicker than on the dark jersey, at least to my eyes.  The matching arm striping has been pushed down to the cuffs, which is somewhat troubling as it will be at least partially covered by the gloves.  The phantom yoke is a bit much when combined with the chest stripe, especially when you realize that the grey is nearly unnoticeable when it's that thin.  The numbers treatment is done fairly well, as it doesn't get muddled up with the chest stripe on the back.  The logos, however, are a bit of a mess.  Not only are the Storm using mismatched logos, but neither of the logos used are all that spectacular.  The dark jersey uses the main logo with the anthropomorphic tornado and the cloud wordmark, which seems like hastily thrown together clipart and is way too busy for a jersey.  The light jersey eliminates the cloud wordmark, but feels the need to shoehorn in a "Q" and "C" behind Tornadoman (working on the trademark for that one), which is so close to what they should have used that it's almost worse than the dark jersey.  The best bet for the storm is to just embrace the Tornadoman and leave him alone on the chest; he's not great, but he's the best option they've got. Finally, the American Flag and POW-MIA patches on the shoulders just kind of seem like they couldn't think of a secondary logo so they just slapped on something for 'Murica and the troops.  

Here are some reviews from other members of the HJC Family:

"Meh,"- Steve

"At least they didn't use the script,"-BPoe
"They did on the home..."- Justin

"Wait... why the #@*% is the American flag on the shoulders?"- also BPoe

All in all, it's not a terrible design for the Storm, but there are still a lot of problems with it that hopefully will be fixed in the future.
Quad City Storm Release New Uniforms Reviewed by TC Moore on August 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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