Ducks Tribute Night Jerseys

The Ducks will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in a way that will please most jersey nerds. With Tribute Nights and special throwback warm-up jerseys!

There will be nine games where the Ducks will wear throwback jerseys from their past for warm-ups. The team has done a fantastic job covering nearly all of their jersey history. They are also going to be wearing these jerseys in chronological order, which is a little touch that satisfies a lot of fans.

Here is a list of the jerseys they will wear and the dates they will be worn:

October 8th - 1993 Home Jersey
October 28th - 1993 Road Jersey
November 1st - Wild Wing Jersey
November 9th - Nike Alternate Jersey
November 16th - Black & Purple Script Jersey
November 21st - Black & Gold Wordmark Jersey
December 7th - Stadium Series Jersey
December 29th - Webbed D Black Third Jersey
January 4th - Orange Third Jersey

The Ducks have posted a really great page regarding all of the jerseys they are going to wear. You can read it here.

Here is what they team writes about these Tribute Nights...

"The Jersey Tribute Nights include nine home games that will celebrate each of the jerseys worn by the franchise since its inception. Tribute nights move in chronological order, beginning with the home opener and the first jersey ever worn by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Look for special appearances by Ducks alumni on these nights..."

I found it very interesting the the team referred to their colours as "Plum, jade, silver and white". Most jersey nerds commonly use eggplant to describe the Duck's original shade of purple.

The Ducks tweeted that these jerseys will be for sale in the arena on the nights that they are worn. The team was not able to commit to any sales online for other fans.

I personally love the idea of being able to add a Wild Wing jersey to my collection. And would you look at that, the Wild Wing game is taking place on my birthday! Hint hint, wink wink.


This is going to be a great set of promo nights and I have to applaud the Ducks. If the jerseys are done properly and don't turn out to be cheap replications of the old sweaters than this can really set a precedent for future anniversary celebrations for other NHL clubs.

What night are you looking forward to on the Ducks schedule?
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