Wednesday: July the Fourth Be With You

Ok so today doesn't work as well for Star Wars jokes, but nonetheless, today is a special day, unless you're Canadian. It's Independence Day in the United States, and despite the tension in the political climate, we can all come together to celebrate kicking British butt over beers*, hot dogs, hamburgers and explosions in the sky.

*HJC disclaimer: 21+ in the US, please drink responsibly, be stupid with other things instead of alcohol

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Today's concepts are NOT All-American though, as we have a BRITISH INVASION on our hands here at HJC!


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FC Macbeth: Northern Ireland Concept

The British are coming! Well, some of them at least. The Northern Irish, still a part of Great Britain to this day, though separate in sports (as is Wales and Scotland), come to HJC today in a competition against the aforementioned regions plus England and Ireland. Manchester United legend George Best is featured as the name on the back of the dark jersey, while Owen Nolan is on the white, though for reasons beyond me, as he's Canadian (comment below if you figure it out, cause I haven't the foggiest). I question why brown is used here, as the flag is red, white and gold, and their colors in their sports are green and blue, especially since you used the Northern Irish soccer nation team's logo here. Otherwise this is a great design. The helmet mark is weak, just use the main logo.

Rating: 65%

Jay S: 2018 Stanley Cup Final: Vegas vs Washington Concept

The Stanley Cup Finals are brought back one more time to show off conceptual alternate jerseys. Here the Knights become Golden with a bit of red trim near large patches of black on the yoke and as striping. A pattern that I think could see some grey separate the red and black instead of gold. Black helmet would help this uniform. The striping on the Capitals uniform is reminiscent of the black jersey they used before the latest rebrand, so that's a nice touch. I didn't know if the yoke trim is necessary, until I saw the sublimated stars on the yoke. And because of that, I looked closer to the Knights yoke and there's the alternate logo's shape sublimated on the yoke. The template is still a bit rough, but otherwise this is a great look.

Rating: 89%

Liam A: Nashville Predators Concept

Liam comes to us with an interesting idea for the Predators. A blue alternate that brings us a checkerboard stripe of white and gold, and the old mustard jersey's alternate logo, toned down a dimension. While this is a bold idea, I don't think it is executed to the best of the ability this idea could present. First, the checkerboard pattern should bend with the stripes as it curves parallel to the hem line. Second, the logo needs a bit more to still look reasonable when taking away the 3-D effect it originally had. It's a tough ask but I think it's doable, maybe with some silver as a trim color. Socks should be blue. The logos on the right shoulder have been cut off by the template line, then subsequently copied to the left shoulder of the sweater. The helmet logo is pixelated and needs a white outline. Still some work to be done here, but a decent idea that would work if polished.

Rating: 50%

Lucas D: Washington Capitals Concept

The cool thing about this concept here is that it seems to be a bit of an inverse of the current sleeve pattern the Capitals use, whereas instead of the white section being underneath the piping, its on the top. In addition to that, the bottom of the jersey helps balance out the pattern better, especially on the home reds. The stupid side panels are gone, making red the dominant secondary color on the road whites. The stars on the sleeves return, three on each, since there are 3 stars on the DC flag. The biggest thing you may notice about this concept is the logo change. In pure grammatical fashion, the letters have been CAPITAL-ized. Side note: I think it's hilarious that their slogan is "All Caps", but the logo is lower case. Not a fan of the collar. Back view?

Rating: 90%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:


No but seriously it's:



I promised on my twitter to make this post angry in regards to seeing John Tavares ditch the orange in his uniform. Most Islanders fans, myself included, are insulted mainly at how he hamstrung the Islanders by asking not to be traded at the deadline. He did not have a No Trade Clause in his previous contract as far as we know, but Garth Snow honored the request anyway. Now with a new regime in place to clean up the mess Snow made, it gets messier as Lamoriello gets nothing in return for Tavares leaving for Toronto. Combine that with his previous sayings of wanting to be an Islander for life, it's puzzling that he took LESS money to leave the only team he's known his entire career. The Islanders had an 8 year, $88 million contract on the table originally, then once July 1st hit, the Isles couldn't offer that 8th year anymore, so they upped the offer to 7 years and $79.75 million, an additional $250,000 per year on average from the existing offer, and $250,000 more than the Leafs' offer (Though Tavares also turned down a 7 year $91 million deal from San Jose). Between taking less money to leave, betraying his word and hamstringing management, Isles fans are arguably angrier than Cavaliers fans when LeBron first left Cleveland for the Miami Heat. Unnamed teammates have said they sympathize with the fans, as it seems they also feel betrayed by Tavares. And to top it off, the "Good bye and thank you" message seems superficial at best.

If there's one fault to the Islanders fan base, besides garbage attendance in Brooklyn, it's taking loyalty to heart, and when that loyalty is gone, tempers flare, because they hold this team near and dear to their hearts, especially from a player of that caliber. So in the aftermath, fans have called for the retirement of the #91 in honor of Butch Goring, who won four cups with it. Fans will be booing him when he touches the puck when the Leafs visit Barclays Center on February 28th and the Coliseum on April 1st. Jerseys and shirts have been burned. Trading cards and pictures torn.

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. See you next week.
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