Wednesday: File Under Fiction

Another Wednesday here at HJC and I welcome you one and all. Unfortunately I have to make this somewhat quick because I have to work the Atlantic League All-Star Game here on Long Island. So before I leave you for independent minor league baseball (I know you don't care about that, but a man's gotta work, you know?)

HJC OPEN: I hope you have a few concept ideas ready, because it's time for the HJC OPEN! This tournament moves quickly, but the more entrants we have the better your chances are. Mathematically this does not make sense, but the rules state that if we can get 21 artists to compete or more in the Round Robin stage, the top 16 will move on to the knockout stage. 20 or less and that number is cut to 8 for the knockout round.


 COTW-June vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 COTW June 29 - July 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 HJC Open (begins Friday July 13) 


Dylan T: Seattle Totems (Potential NHL) Concept

Here Dylan takes a shot at the all but set Seattle Expansion, resurrecting the old Seattle Totems logo from the WHL in 1965. It's recolored in green and blue instead of green and black, with those two colors seeming to identify Seattle sports in one way or another (Mariners blue and teal, Seahawks navy blue and lime green, Sounders rave green and blue, Storm and SuperSonics green and gold, and Thunderbirds blue and green). A simple jersey with a historic yet complex logo. I like it because its a modern-looking simple, one that respects the historic look of the logo yet gives it an identity of its own, as opposed to the recolored Red Wings jerseys the original Totems had, but in green. I'd like to see how the name and numbers would look because with a logo like this, you have an opportunity to make something truly unique here. Rounded numbers with a line in the middle following the shape of the number?

Rating: 85%

Noah B: Ottawa Bears (Fictional) Concept

Let's talk about the logos first since that is the first image of two here. The silhouette of a bear is a good logo, especially in white since it references a polar bear, without deviating from the color scheme for, say, a brown bear (See the NYIT Bears for bad color balance with brown bears). Not sure what the significance of the shield behind the bear is in regards to shape, but the different colors on either side of the bear look nice. The shoulder logo is great, how the Peace Tower stands within an O with a bear paw in the back of it. As for the jerseys, they are a simple pattern, but that pattern has white outlines on each of the red stripes, mirrored on the white jersey with black striping and red outlines. Yet white outlines surround the stripes, they avoid the numbers and name on the back, for reasons unknown. I can understand going without outlines on the red alternate, because the logo doesn't have one and it looks great.

Rating: 87%

There are NOT enough concepts today to warrant a Concept of the Week Nomination.

There are potentially 16 alternate/specialty jerseys still rumored to be unveiled in the NHL this year. The possibilities are endless. Take a shot in the dark and mock up what you think we will see this summer. Send some stuff in. This blog isn't here without you. Send in your concepts and they will be featured! Don't fear poor ratings, because even folks like myself when I got started got 4/10 or worse, but we kept going and improved and have gotten concept of the week nominations. You'll get there but only if you try.

 I will see you next week.
Wednesday: File Under Fiction Reviewed by Unknown on July 11, 2018 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Dylan T. for COTW

TC Moore said...

Noah for COTW. Great original logos and solid jersey design

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