Thursday: The Moore the Merrier

Here at HJC, we always see a dip in concepts come the time of the HJC Open. Artists tend to go all in and save every last concept for a potential Open entry rather than submitting to the blog instead. I myself have been guilty in the past, so I totally understand the sentiment. That being said, a daily post with one concept from one of our own simply doesn't get the job done. Sure we're the heart that keeps the blog beating, but without you guys we've got no blood to pump through its veins.

This past week, we've all done some introspection into what this blog has meant for us since we've been working here and why we keep putting in the hours each and every week. For me, that's you guys. As much fun as it is to design your own looks and hear them praised (or even ripped apart) by the HJC faithful week in and week out, I think the best thing about this blog is the design community. At the end of the day we're here to provide open and honest feedback no holds barred. Looking back, my first concept was trash and got torn to pieces as such and though I was mad at the time, I really appreciate the fact that HJC was not afraid to let me know that, because, at the end of the day, it made me a better designer.

Now a couple years into graphic design as a hobby and coming up on a year writing here at the blog, I can truly say that I've had no greater joy in this role than interacting with you all at every step. I may say I'm a "self-taught" designer, but it's you guys that have been shaping me along the way. Whether correcting my execution errors and design flaws while I was just starting out or submitting beautiful concepts that inspire further designs of my own now that I've joined as a writer, almost all of our readers have shaped me in some way whether directly or indirectly.

I know at times like these it's easy to say "Look, we need more concepts", but I'm choosing to say "Thanks for all you've done thus far. I can't wait to see what you've still got coming".

Thanks, guys.

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On to the concepts!
Lucas D.- Tulsa Oilers

Our lone concept of the day comes from one of own as we continue TC Moore week here at HJC. The road look is the real star of the set with navy taking precedence over maroon. The hem pattern here is very cleverly done to match the look of the armstripes over the full-length yoke. This continues on the pants creating consistency from something that looks inconsistent at first. The same pattern doesn't work nearly as well on the home though since the colors aren't adjusted at all. The maroon stripe outlined in white becomes two thin white stripes when placed on the maroon backdrop and the look simply isn't as strong. I could honestly take it or leave it with the alternate here, but would definitely suggest making the #OB nay to match the TV numbers and provide more contrast against the chest stripe.

Overall Rating: 8.0/10
Love the Oilers in Navy and Maroon, but I'd be lying if I said TC struck black gold with this one.

That's all for today folks. 

We'll see you all next week!

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