No Train, No Gain Part I: Purdue Hockey

Four hours Round trip to Zionsville, IN. That's the time it takes for the Purdue Ice Hockey players to travel to there practice rink. While that's a far way just to play hockey, you'd never hear one complaint about it from the players. They know that the drive is worth representing an institution like Purdue University.

The team first began playing hockey in the 1960's and have had some great success throughout the years, such as winning the first Indiana Collegiate Hockey Association conference championship. While that is a great achievement, all of the players understand that school takes priority over everything, so missing a practice to study for a test or to catch up on homework is recommended by the team above going to practice. This mentality is something that you don't see often at any collegiate sports level and I for one welcome it as each student is known as a "Student Athlete."

The main issue that the team has is getting people to the games. In speaking with Will Anderson, a Junior on the team, he stated that the majority of people, who attend games are parents, team alumni, and local kids and parents that are playing at the other ice sheet. He also mentioned that it's difficult to get students to make that travel over to Fischer, IN to see them play, but the team is planning for that to change.

Unfortunately, the team has decided to take the season off to focus more on improving as players rather than maintaining their current skill level, and to raise funds as most of the money spent for the season comes at the cost of the players. Will stated that while it is upsetting that they will not be having a season next year, they plan to focus on bringing more awareness to their team on campus. The team plans to volunteer for events and raise money by having a sale on the teams new uniforms that they will wear for the 2019-2020 season.

Speaking of new uniforms, the team has decided to go to Rebirth and, needless to say, they delivered.

Mockups by Rebirth sports. Provided by Purdue Hockey
Speaking just on the primary set, The Purdue "Italicized P" logo on the front is the first thing that draws you in to both jersey and it's a very striking logo on the front. Also, The striping on the jersey, particularly on the hem, works really well with the color balance on both jerseys and keeps the jersey with a classic but unique look. Other aspects of the jersey that look great are the Purdue "Train with PURDUE cow tipper' logo on both the home and road's shoulders as well as the striping on the pant shells and the matching sock striping. As for the gray alternate, I really like that they based it off of the basketball team's uniforms. Also, for some reason, the gold only being used in the name and numbers looks great compared to the rest of the jersey having little black and white stripping. Yes, the team has intentions to put these jerseys up for sale (only the black one for now) with a tentative sale date of August 20th.

While these boys wait a year so they can improve, they'll look good doing it now and in the future. You could say that the Purdue hockey team is very much like a train itself: once they gain momentum, good luck stopping them. Thank you to Will and the rest of the team for giving me the opportunity to write about you and I wish you guys the best of luck in the future!
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