Monday: Southwest & Storms

Welcome to the Monday post!

We are quite short on concepts right now! So if you have concepts you've been debating sending in we REALLY need them. This isn't a case of going to run out soon, but will run out in the very near future, which means....op-ed posts....uh

So if you want to avoid those until we build concepts back up, you'll send some in

It's HJC Open Time. For those who have never taken part in the Open, here's how the first round works. You send a never seen never submitted concept along with as many people who want to. The more people who enter, the biggest the final field will be! Once the entries phase ends on Friday, depending on the number of entries, you'll pick your X number of favourite concepts, and the most to make people's list wins!

So get those entries in too!

Voting is simple this week, the best of last week are up for voting as well as the best of April-June in the COTY Second Quarter vote!

2nd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW July 6-12 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Round Robin entries (due Friday @ noon ET)
Jersey Nerds Podcast (new episode every Monday!)

On with today's concepts!


San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: TC Moore)

It's very rare we see a monochrome colour scheme really work, particularly when it isn't black and white and when it is applied to a usually colourful logo. This here kind of works! What's interesting about this concept is how little the logo misses black and in fact how the darker teal in may respects improve it. The gradient striping is fine, but I'd really like to see something similar to a classic Sharks pattern, not a pattern we've come to expect on monochrome concepts. Furthermore, I know it would make the idea of this concept mute, the addition of some small black and orange details to the logos and jersey would really bring this concept together, and put it into the realm of useable or plausible


Guelph Strom OHL Concept (By: Connor L.)

One thing I can say about the new Storm logo is it looks fantastic with added black. Since the beginning of the Edge era, the Storm moved away from black towards and Oilers Coyotes hybrid loog. and I can see that here, but the black adds a lot. The template used here is a bit awkward, looking more like a tight sweater than a jersey, but more so there are execution errors. Nothing too major here and a lot of the basics are done perfectly, the stripes on the arms are way too low down. They'd be basically a cuff difference away from where cuffs would be on a  jersey, putting them in the middle of one's forearm instead of around the elbow. The tv numbers are done properly here, but all the numbers on the jersey are too small, as is the NOB. That being said, you did manage to nail the phantom yoke look!


San Diego Gulls AHL Concepts (By: TC Moore)

Damn these are nice! Lots of colour here is good, but using these colours right is just as important and TC has done this, particularly in making me not notice for a while both jerseys use the same patterns, a big pet peeve of mine. The blue jersey is the real winner here, as it perfectly blends black white and orange on a classic striping pattern that isn't boring. One minor pet peeve is the lack of primary logo on the shoulders of the alternate. Other than that, this is a perfect replacement for the dated Flames template used by the team currently 

9/10 COTW Nom from me! 
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