Monday: Podcast Hangover

Welcome to the Monday post!

If you haven't yet, give episode 41 of the Jersey Nerds Podcast a listen! It's arguably one of the funniest episodes we've recorded, and as per usual, we made it through much of the podcast and it all went to giggles by the end.

Don't forget we're on Spotify now! So in between listening to Lo-Fi chill beats for studying and Drake you can listen to us discuss Calgary Flames jerseys and whether a hot date or the 2009-10 Flyers away jersey win in a throwback throwdown!

We need your questions for the mailbag! Use the forum on the side of the blog or in the podcast page!

Voting this week has the usual COTW vote in an all TC vote! Votes as per usual are due Friday @ noon EST.

That of course except for the HJC Open Quarter Final Entry Phase! Congrats to the top 8 artist to get out of the Round Robin, and I hope to see more quality work.

On with today's 4 concepts...well 3 but you'll see why I say that!


Toronto St. Pats Memetastic Comic Sans Concept (By: BPoe)

Of the St. Pats scripts, this one is my least favourite, and I've never been one who saw the 2002 throwback and thought it was great, but frankly, I actually think Comic Sans improves it. I think it's because the original actually looked Comic Sans like and making it more rounded works in the way rounded numbers worked in the 2017 St. Patrick's day Fauxbacks, it completes the look. I can't really review it like a normal concept but I'll give it my usual

Fun/10 and I can't wait to see some more of the drastic changes in store in this seies

Steinbach Pistons MJHL Concepts (By: John E.)

If you took the San Jose pre edge jerseys, and applied some much needed updates, added a bit of Flyers and took the colour balancing from a hot rod...this would be what you get, and it looks fantastic! Their current jerseys are very similar to the Oilers and the Lewiston MAINEiacs, and this adds some much more colour, a better logo set, and an inspiration that I think takes this team to the top of the MJHL. I think the only thing I'd like to see is some more colour in the hems and the numbers on the white jersey but as is it's solid.

8.5/10 COTW Nom from me!

Mississauga Steelheads Concepts (By: TC Moore)

For a team called the Steelheads, Mississauga wears Leafs copies and uses no silver on their actual jerseys. TC fixes that nicely and introduces a proto-Jets style striping we've seen him use before, and here it's a slightly different version that uses the negative area between the arm stripes to break up the arm band. The colour balancing is really solid here, but I think the white and grey blend on the arms. The alternate is solid I'll be it a tad predictable, but frankly a team with STEEL in their name should have a silver jersey. I'm not a huge fan of the Canucks/Yotes style numbers on the home and road set, maybe this would be a good place to use the original Leafs font.


Team Japan FIFA WC Crossover Concepts (By: Matt G.)

Despite being a b-rate soccer power, Japan's football kits have always been solid, and applying that to hockey I think really works well. The home, despite being very dark, I think fits with the whole them and blue/black is a nice combo with the red. The white is my favourite of them, especially with the silver numbers. The third jersey think is supposed to be a throwback, and as is it's the most hockey jersey of the 3, but it reminds me of a 07-08 jersey with the lack of something on the hem.


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TC Moore said...

I'll second John's Pistons concept for COTW

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