Monday: Moore Concepts

Welcome to the Monday post!

We only have two concepts today, and if you listen to the Podcast...or read the last few posts, you'll notice the lack of concepts. Obviously the news posts and podcast will continue, but the C in HJC stands for concepts, and we'd love to continue writing about and reviewing concepts! I know as the longest serving writer outside of Ryan, I've reviewed 6 years of concepts as of the August and lemme tell ya, I wouldn't be doing it this long if I didn't like it! Anyways, send us more concepts!

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The latest episode of the HJC Podcast has been uploaded, and lemme tell ya it's one you don't want to miss as once again TC and myself open up the debate of Mighty Ducks jerseys.

Speaking of TC, let's review two of his concepts!


Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: TC Moore)

It's really nice to see the red reintroduced to the cuffs of a dark Columbus jersey for the first time since 2007. The striping here is a nice blend of the original and current Jackets, and the Cleveland Barons. The modern numbers look great, and I love the idea of a unique captain's C for every team, this one is no exception. The alternate is the most basic of the 3, but the grey stripes add enough to make it different and I love the navy numbers. One thing I might add is a neutral stripe in between the white/red and the cuffs to break up the two, and it might be nice to see a navy yoke on the white jersey. 


Hershey Bears AHL Concepts (By: TC Moore)

I think the Bears are the Bruins of the AHL, in that despite being a classic team, they've attempted every fad in the book almost, and these jerseys I think are a solid update of their current jerseys as they start to become dated. The arm strips are REALLY nice, I mean damn there's not only a lot of them but they all work well without taking away from the modernness of the logo. The alternate I don't want to say is nothing special, but it's nothing we haven't seen before and frankly, it's almost law the Hershey Bears have a script alternate. If I could suggest any changes...I can't, because as is this is pretty solid set without any major changes I can suggest.

9.5/10 COTW Nom from me!

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