Anaheim Unveils Second Mighty Ducks Inspired Alternate

For the third time in their history, the Ducks of Anaheim will be wearing a new generation of jersey featuring their iconic duck goalie mask logo. Previously we had the classic Ducks jerseys worn from 1993-2007, along with the race car striping alternate set worn from 1997-2000. In the Edge era, we saw the Orange County alternate; a simplified orange version of their classic jerseys worn from 2015-17. This latest version of this design returns to diagonal striping, but includes some new additions, and a better balancing of colours featured in their Mighty Ducks colour scheme than their previous attempt at a black alternate in 2003.

The Ducks will kick off their 25th anniversary celebrations by wearing this new jersey on the first day of the news season. The striping itself is nearly identical to the eggplant Mighty Ducks jersey striping. Obviously the addition of the shoulder yoke is new to this design, and there is attempt to use the Adidas collar to include all 4 of the jersey's main colours. The jersey itself is very colourful, with not only the original Mighty Ducks colour scheme use, but darker orange sticks used to match the current colour scheme, and the current Ducks primary on the shoulders with jade added to the outline to make it fit. This is Anaheim's first attempt to combine both era's colour schemes into one.

For those with a keen eye and 90s style, this design may look slightly familiar. Whether intentional or not, these jersey bare a striking resemblance to this Starter black fashion jersey that were all the rage in the mid 1990s.

Looking at the original striping, it's clear the team decided upon redoing it to make the top stripe thinner and increase the eggplant in the jersey to make it stand out more, Furthermore we can see the difference between the yellow in the original MD logo, and the new redux!

So what do you think? DO you like this new mashup of eras? Would you prefer the 90s Starter design or the current? Yoke or no yoke? Would you make a set out of this? 
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