Wednesday: Lou's Snow Removal Service

It is Wednesday, the first full day since Garth's Country Club has been shut down on Long Island. Lou Lamoriello has finally taken charge and he has relieved Garth Snow and Doug Weight of their duties as GM and Head Coach. ESPN SportsCenter Anchor Linda Cohn probably put the reaction perfectly, when she tweeted "With the firing of Garth Snow and Doug Weight. You can make the case the @NYIslanders fan base is happier than the @Capitals fan base who happen to be just 1 win away from winning their first #StanleyCup #Isles"

Twelve years of mediocrity and unaccountability are now OVER! Lou SZN has begun! The best part about this is that his son Chris already works as an assistant GM for the Islanders.

As for the Stanley Cup Final, Game 5 is tomorrow. Will Vegas fend off the Capitals at home to force game 6? Will the Capitals avoid 3-1 series lead jokes and win the cup on the road?

BREAKING NEWS: I can confirm through sources in the Islanders organization that the Isles WILL have an ORANGE alternate jersey, most likely with the simplified NY logo from the Brooklyn jerseys.

Initially, due to the rising popularity of the nostalgic Fisherman logo, the third jersey was going to be a Fisherman-inspired jersey, if not a direct throwback, however because of the poor season the Islanders had, combined with the poor play associated with the original fisherman jersey, they initially scrapped that idea.


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Adam G: Vegas Golden Knights (Treasure Island Resort) Concept

An absolutely crazy design here for an outlandish looking resort. The colors work well with depicting the resort's theme, though not with the Knights' logo. The hem on the back needs work though, because you copied the inside of the jersey from the front view to the back. Extend the island/water design down to the bottom and it'll be much better. As for the arms, I'm not sold. A bit much in my opinion. But then again it is Vegas...

Rating: 75%

Adam G: Vegas Golden Knights (Tropicana Resort) Concept

This design works well because there's a line of darker windows near the top of the hotel building. It works well behind the logo too. The red trim is based on the Tropicana logo, despite a different shade used in the Vegas color scheme. However I don't think it's balanced well. Jury is out on this one.

Rating: 78%

Anthony C: Los Angeles Kings Concept

Anthony gives us another grey Kings jersey with minimal white. The real kicker in this concept is the striping. Look at the design inside the black stripe. If that doesn't scream royalty, I don't know what will. I'm sold on everything on this jersey except the logo on the sleeves. The pattern is so nice that having it on the arms would be brilliant.

Rating: 85%

Burkus Circus: Arizona Coyotes Concept

Kachina pattern. Original logo. New color scheme. All the items needed for a great alternate jersey, One issue though is that the hem pattern on the Adidas stripes tends to follow the shape of the hem lines of the jersey, curving the look on a flat template design like we see here, which is tough to do with a complex pattern like this. Give me a black helmet with this and the moon logo on the pants and I'm sold.

Rating: 91%

John E: New York Rangers Concept

A modern Lady Liberty set for the Rangers, which incorporates silver too. I love the new font, which is a modern take on the Rangers current font. This set is honestly something I think the Hartford Wolf Pack should have done instead of going with the Stadium Series copies (the second worst of that 2014 Stadium Series set, better than only Anaheim). I am in love with everything with this (except the team). The hem is perfect too. I see nothing I can improve here.

Rating: 100%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Another week gone by, NHL Draft looming with announcements from Carolina and Arizona coming regarding third jerseys. Hopefully Tavares resigns by then, but in the mean time I'll see you next week!
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Ben Shaffer said...

Burkus's 'Yotes for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd John E's Rangers concept for COTW

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