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You know, I was expecting to be writing "Yeah I know I've used that title before, deal with it." But surprisingly, a quick Google search actually didn't result in any other HJC posts with that title. I'm kind of surprised.

Then again, I used to write on Thursdays, so maybe that's why.

Welcome to todays' Wednesday Post, my dudes, from your favorite Friend of the Show, Bpoe.

In terms of voting stuff this week, we have the usual COTW vote ... and that's it. We also have a new episode of the HJC podcast, which personally, I think was a pretty good one. Speaking of the podcast, don't forget to submit your questions to the mailbag, we may not have been able to answer any last podcast, but we will. Also, the HJC Open is coming up soon, so prepare yourself for that.

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So for today's post I'm going to try something new when rating these concepts. Instead of just giving overall reviews, I'm going to rate a few categories specifically, those being: layout, striping pattern, color choice/balance, logo choice, font choice, originality, and execution. If you don't understand what I mean by some of the categories, you'll see what I mean once I get into the reviews. I'll give those all a rating out of 10, and then average them for the final rating on the concept. I've been using this to try to rank all of the NHL jerseys, and I think this will work here as well. So, let's get into it.

Burkus Circus - St. Louis Blues
So, funny story, I actually made almost this exact concept a while back, around the time that everyone was making Winter Classic concepts for them (though I'm not sure I ever posted it anywhere). So funny enough, I can compare your approach to mine a bit when judging this.
Layout: Traditional striping layout. Hard to complain about that. Also, coming back here after doing the rest of the review, I'm not really sure what other category the collar falls, so I'll add it here. Personally, I've never been a fan of the half collars, and this is no exception. 8/10
Striping Pattern: Taken pretty much directly from the Eagles' look, and it's a very fitting design for the time period. A bit too thin for my liking, though. 9/10
Color Choice/Balance: Personally, I think it would look great if you brought in the red logo and numbers from the Eagles' original jerseys. It would add a bit more liveliness to the jersey instead of just a monochromatic blue look, and it's personally what I did on my own design. That being said, the all-blue look fits their current brand much better, and doesn't look bad at all. 8/10
Logo Choice: This is another place where your design differs from mine, as I got rid of the arched script over the logo for mine. Personally, I'm not huge on it, but it does give it more historical accuracy. 8/10
Font Choice: A classic block font, fitting for a vintage concept. Also an interesting choice to arch the name. I'm not sure you can really go wrong either way on that one. 9/10
Originality/Creativity: Now this is where this concept is going to be lacking, as well as my previous one if I were rating it. There's really not much original in this design, and it's mostly a direct copy. However, there are some original elements to it, so it's not like the only thing you're doing is taking an old jersey and slapping it on a new template with no changes. This will have a low rating, but in this case it's not too bad of a thing seeing as though that wasn't the purpose here. 3/10 (If this drags down the overall score too much, I'll handicap it a bit.)
Execution/Presentation: Nothing to really complain about here. The only thing I'll say is to move the sock away from the jerseys a bit, as it has a bit more room to work with. 9/10
Overall: 54/70 - 77%. I'll round it up to an 80% because of the originality category.

Jay S. - Toledo Walleyes
Layout: Again, simple, traditional striping layout. Nothing to complain about. 10/10
Striping Pattern: A nice, simple pattern that ties into the Walleyes' current identity. My only possible complaint is that they might be a tad too thin for my liking, but even so it wouldn't be much of a difference. Also, it's hard to tell on the jersey at least, but it almost looks like the stripes are getting thinner towards the inside of the arm, and they most definitely are on the socks. I'm a fan of that. 9/10
Color Choice/Balance: As I'm sure a lot of you know, especially if you tune in to the podcast, I love color. In this case, I love the light blue being the base color here. The navy blue as a secondary was also a great choice, and the white and yellow make great tertiaries. All balanced well. The only complaint I may have is yellow-on-white syndrome, but I think it's okay here. 9/10
Logo Choice: The logo choice is pretty good on this concept. However, assuming that out of the three jerseys we've seen for Toledo so far (this, and the two from yesterday), I would keep the logo consistent on whichever two are your home and road. 8/10
Font Choice: I personally love their current font (aside from the italics) and think it would fit well here. However, this one isn't bad in any way. 8/10
Originality/Creativity: Nothing groundbreaking, but not unoriginal by any means 7/10
Execution/Presentation: Well done execution wise, though for the presentation, I have to agree with the others who have mentioned it, and say that this template is not the best to use unaccompanied. I'm not saying don't use it, because it makes you stand out from the crowd. However, it would be best to pair a flat template with it, or just some way to show off the striping pattern more clearly. Possibly even remake the template, but with a different picture. Also, while it really doesn't matter or affect anything, I don't think Parise plays for that many teams. 7/10
Overall: 58/70 - 83%

Layout: The chest stripe works well on this concept and with that striping pattern. 10/10
Striping Pattern: This design seems to be just a "white" version of this Winterfest uniform of theirs A pretty good look if you ask me. 8/10
Color Choice/Balance: Colors are balanced quite well. The blue yoke was a great addition to do so. Also a good choice to leave out the yellow. 9/10
Logo Choice: Personally, I think this logo works a bit better than the one on their aforementioned Winterfest jersey. Either way, a roundel is the right way to go. While not completely necessary, a well designed shoulder patch could really benefit this design. 9/10
Font Choice: As opposed to the last one, a more traditional font works much better here. 9/10
Originality/Creativity: Now this is where the rating is going to take a bit of a hit, because this design isn't much more than recoloring an existing design. However, in a similar manner to Burkus' concept, the changes made are enough to warrant a relatively decent score here. 4/10
Execution/Presentation: See last concept. 7/10
Overall: 56/70 - 80%

Jordan R. - Escanaba Bucks
Layout: Pretty traditional for the most part, but the lack of a hem stripe brings it down a bit. 7/10
Striping Pattern: A simple, blocky design, but one that works well. 8/10
Color Choice/Balance: I Like the unique color palette you've chosen for this design. The colors are balanced quite well as well; I love the choice for the orange pants on the dark uniform. Livens it up a bit. 9/10
Logo Choice: Since this isn't really logo choice, this'll more be a critique of your logo design, but before I get in to that I have to give you some props for designing your own logo. While you're quite a good logo designer, it isn't exactly an easy thing to achieve. Anyways, while I like the overall idea behind the logo, and most of the execution of it, but there's a few areas that could be improved. First of all, the "BUCKS" inside of the logo looks a bit awkward in its placement, I would recommend angling it to match the sides of the shield and to warp the top to match the curve of the shield. Also, with the antlers, I would recommend revising the shape of them, because at one point I saw the OK hand symbol/emoji in them, and now I can't get that out of my head. 8/10
Font Choice: A traditional, blocky font, that has its own unique flair that fits the design. Not much better than this. 10/10
Originality/Creativity: Doesn't get much more original than creating your own idea, logo, and jersey design for a team that doesn't exist (as far as I'm aware). 10/10
Execution/Presentation: Love the template used, unique and helps you stand out. However, the logos aren't properly perspective warped onto the font of the jerseys, and need to look more angled inwards. 9/10 p.s.: I really like the font you used for the presentation, and I think I was able to find it, but if you want to let me know for sure, it would be appreciated.
Overall: 61/70 - 87% and my COTW nomination. Would be near perfect if only you had included a hem stripe.


And that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again on July 15.
Wednesday: It Is Wednesday My Dudes Reviewed by Bpoe on June 27, 2018 Rating: 5

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