Thursday: Birds and Broncos

Hey y'all, and welcome to our Thursday post here at HJC.  Don't be alarmed by the southern slang, it's just TC filling in for our usual Thursday writer JB, aka Tiny Littleman.  The only real jersey news that we have today is the OHL's Guelph Storm, who released a new logo and jersey set earlier today.  I already covered the unveiling in a post earlier today, which you can find here.  

In voting news, we have the regular COTW vote for June 15-21, with polls closing Friday at noon EDT.  We are also coming up on our annual HJC Open competition coming up, so keep an eye out for any news on that.

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Now on to today's concepts!

Anthony C.- Boston College Eagles

Our first concept of the day is Anthony C.'s design for the Boston College Eagles.  BC has a very storied program history, and as such has a fairly classic uniform design, so it's intriguing to see such a bold look for the team.  I like the idea of a full length yoke for the eagles, maroon is a great color and I love to see it so well represented, especially on the white home jersey.  The striping pattern that breaks up the yoke is an interesting look, and I actually really like how it works out.  While I'm usually a fan of logos over script on a jersey, I think that Boston College is one of the programs that really pulls it off well while using their logo as a shoulder patch, especially since their secondary logo selection is woefully lacking.  I also probably would have gone with the alternate coloring of the primary logo for the dark jersey.  My main issue with this set is the decision to make black the secondary color.  When I think BC, I think maroon and gold; there's a reason they use maroon gear and their alternate jersey is gold.  Black isn't really an official part of their color scheme, it's more an outlining color.  Finally, I probably would have better matched the sock striping to the arm striping.  Final verdict: a decent basis for a design, but the color choice for this identity really holds this one back.  7/10

Jay S.- Missouri (Kansas City) Mavericks

Next up is Jay S.'s design for the Missouri (now known as the Kansas City) Mavericks.  I've always loved the Mavericks' color scheme, and this set uses it beautifully.  The color blocking striping works really well, and the slight angle on the arms is a simple change that makes a world of difference.  I'm really glad that Jay didn't fall into the usual temptation of pairing a roundel logo with a chest stripe (which I will admit I've been guilty of), as it's been way too overused at this point.  I love the recolored Islanders and Sound Tigers logos, they look really sharp in these shades of orange and blue.  The alternate is fantastically bright, exactly what this team needs in an alternate.  The orange looks great, and the baby blue full length yoke complements it beautifully.  My only note would be to maybe eliminate the wordmark below the skating horse.  Final verdict: a great looking set that I wouldn't mind seeing the Mavericks adopt full time.  9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

Jordan R.- Flint Falcons

For our final concept of the day we have the latest concept from Jordan R.'s Michigan Hockey League, this one for the Flint Falcons.  I really like the simple striping pattern on this one, the doubling up on the arms and socks looks great, and definitely gives it a classic look.  The font choice is solid, and I really like the collar treatment on this one.  While I applaud Jordan for creating his own logo, this one looks like a mashup of the old Atlanta Falcons logo and the Norse symbol for Odin's ravens, and ends up looking like a sulking crow coming home after an unsuccessful custody case.  Final verdict: a solid uniform design, but I', just not on board with the look of the logo.  8/10
That's all for me today, see y'all next week in my regular Friday spot!
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