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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Sunday post, this time written by none other than your friendly friend of the show, filling in for Steve this week.

As I'm sure a lot of you know, the Leafs and Caps played in the Stadium Series last night...let's take a look at how those jerseys looked in action:

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Twitter - @Capitals

Twitter - @Capitals

Overall, I think this game looked decent. It wasn't great, but it could have been much worse. Some of my opinions on the looks changed a bit after seeing the uniforms in action, for example I think the Leafs would have looked much better in blue pants, as the white pants look much better in still shots than they do in motion, even though they still weren't that bad for a one-off. I also really think the Caps would have looked better if the white and blue on their socks were flipped, because to me, they looked like the kid in youth hockey who forgot to bring his dark socks to a game, so they just wore their white ones. Or, just remove the white from the socks entirely, as the white yoke and socks just stuck out like a sore thumb and attracted the eye way too much because of the lack of white elsewhere on the jersey.
Caps- 5/10
Leafs- 7/10


This week in voting we have the normal COTW vote, along with the voting for week 5 of the season, and for those of you who are in the playoffs for the season, get those entries in by next Saturday! Also, if you haven't yet listened to this week's anarchy podcast, you should go do so. Ryan was kidnapped and tied up by us out with a cold, so Steve, Ben, Sean, TC, and myself took over, and boy was it something else.

COTW vote Feb 23 - Mar 1 (ends Friday @ noon ET)
The Season Week 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
The Season Playoff Concepts (due Saturday March 11 @ noon ET)


Chris W. - Triton College Trojans
+Love the amount of color on this set.
+Using white upper-arms instead of gold or black looks great. 
+It's tough to tell from a google search because not much comes up, but it appears that they currently wear either Red Wings copies or some other simple, templated look. A set like this would give them a unique, professional looking set.
-In that google search I also happened to find another concept of yours for this team (first result, actually), and I will say, I like the font from that one a lot more than this one. Keep the white numbers on the red jersey, though, not gold.
+Very intrigued to see how the black jersey would look with red pants...I think it could work for a college team.
+Glad that you also kept enough color on that jersey to keep it from being too boring.4
Overall: 8/10

Lucas D. - Vegapeg Golden Jets
+Lucas is back with yet another installment of his identity swap series, and it's a beauty.
+I've been wanting to revive my own series lately, but one team I'd had trouble with beforehand was Winnipeg. Looking at this, I really wish I'm the one who had this idea.
+The logo looks great, a perfect combination of Vegas' and Winnipeg's identities.
-I'm not quite as keen on the shoulder patch, but you're headed in the right direction.
-I've also never been a huge fan of the way that you handle the jerseys, by just recoloring one team's template to match the other team. I am glad that we're taking different approaches to the jersey side of things, though.
+Winnipeg's jerseys do look pretty good in Vegas' color scheme, though.
-Another small detail to look out for in your presentation: on the right sleeve (right on the image, not the player) on the dark jersey, the striping looks like it's bleeding off of the sleeve, yet it's actually just the white jersey behind it. It's easier to see at a larger size than a smaller one, so just look out for things like that.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW nomination

Noah K. - Colts
-One quick presentation note:, it appears that you spelled "Dubuque" wrong, as any Google searches of "Debuque" just correct me to "Dubuque".
+Moving on from that, this set is actually pretty nice on first glance.
+The logo choice was very well done; I'm glad you went with the script on the front.
+I like the use of the black arms paired with the black shoulder yoke. Works better on the red jersey, but still looks nice.
-For my personal tastes, that doesn't leave enough color on the white jersey to keep it from looking too black/white.
+But, while prioritizing black over red on the road jersey throws of the set's color balance, it makes the color balance of that single uniform work much better because of the black pants, so in this case I think it was the right move.
+/-The striping pattern looks nice, but the consistency gets thrown off a bit because of the color flipping between the arms and hem. It's consistent and inconsistent at the same time. Not entirely sure the best way to fix it, either.
-A few execution notes: the TV numbers look a bit too big, and some of the hem striping should be showing on the inside on the front.
Overall: 7/10


And that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next Sunday time someone needs a fill-in and I can take it.
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Unknown said...

I honestly think that the leafs proved that if you handle white as the primary color then white pants can work, although I would rather not see them become common in the league.

Unknown said...

COTW to Chris

Unknown said...

They actually do not have a hockey team there. I know there is teams with Triton as a name but they do not have one. It would be cool to have a club team though

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