Why Not to Buy Fakes Part 8

What is it this season with Auston Matthews and missing games where the Leafs have worn specialty jerseys? Last season Matthews wore both the Centennial Classic jersey and the St. Pats jersey against Chicago in mid-March. This season however, he's missed both the Arenas throwback game that happened in Mid-December against the Hurricanes, and is now LIKELY going to miss the Stadium Series Navy Yard game against Washington. This makes all those Arenas jerseys with Matthews on them and the Stadium Series jerseys with #34 on them a jersey foul. It's not a hard jersey foul like putting Crosby on a 1967 home CCM vintage jersey.

Regardless of if Matthews plays the game or not, Toronto fakes are going to be abundant, particularly with Matthews on the fake. It might seem obvious, but fake jersey manufacturers don't care whether a star actually plays in that jersey, if you can connect them to it somehow it works. Best examples of this are those Carey Price 2016 Winter Classic jersey you'll see floating around places that sell fake jerseys and have been sitting there for nearly 3 years because Habs fans would rather forget that season rather than anything else.


The point being, you wouldn't want to wear a jersey that a player never worse, and some people are going to do that. I want to note before you look at this jersey that it is a size 60, that is the largest size Adidas makes normal, and does NOT look anywhere near that; maybe size 50?

The most jarring part of this fake is the jersey cut itself. I have no clue what they are trying to emulate here: a long sleeve t-shirt perhaps? The addition of that Adidas button under the chest stripe that you can scan in that app to get "exclusive content" probably doesn't scan and if you do try to scan it your phone seizes up and you're never allowed to buy a jersey again. The chest stripe is much too large and the logo is that much smaller. The numbers look cheap and satiny, while the name bar in itself is hanging on by a thread, literally! The proper jersey has TV numbers on the yoke instead of inside the arm stripes with two versions of the Stadium Series logo on the shoulders.

This is probably one of the lowest quality fakes I've ever seen! Fakes tend to be bad in new templates, but so far the Adidas fakes have been predictably bad, not quite this level of terrible. 

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