Wednesday: Singles Awareness Day

Welcome to the Valentine's day post here at HJC. Hopefully you can fall in love with some of the concepts we have for you today, though in completely staying away from the theme of the day, only one concept has red. Well maybe that's more fitting for Singles Awareness Day but I'll let you be the judge of that.

THE SEASON: Week one is in the books, with Ottawa, Minnesota, Vancouver, Toronto, Orlando, Brazil and Charlotte all in the win column, but Aurora picking up the single point for finishing second in the mega match-up. This week 2 of four teams are guaranteed to get their first win of the season as Los Angeles takes on North Bay, alongside Pensacola hosting the Metropolitan Riveters. The mega match-up is an all NHL match-up with Vancouver, Colorado and Ottawa. VOTE NOW!


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Ben S: Edmonton Oilers Alternate Concept

I said it on the podcast last week: I'm a sucker for white shoulder yokes. Yet somehow, I'm not feeling this one. Is it the stripes on the shoulders? Maybe. But on the other hand the stripes on the shoulders match perfectly with the arms, hem, socks and pants, as the orange, blue and orange pattern is inside a block of white to match throughout, disguised everywhere except the yoke as two sets of adjacent stripes in white, orange and white. I think this may have been better with a blue yoke, but that also takes away from the trickery of the design. Jury is out on this one.

Rating: 87%

Danny R: Bonnyville Pontiacs (AJHL) Concept

Now here we again have a white yoke jersey, with shoulder stripes, but this one is better. the separation between the main stripes on the hem and arms is used as the second stripe on the shoulder, creating a matching pattern with the base color of the yoke. Forget about how much better this concept is than their existing Edge-based Penguins copies. That is how you hide design elements properly and make them match. Only suggestion is to separate the stripes on the pants with some black.

Rating: 99%

Danny R: Brooks Bandits (AJHL) Concept

First things first, before we get into more design deception, I must point out the font choice. The Anaheim Ducks font simplified in regards to outlines, while keeping the serifs, works wonders with that logo. As for the jersey itself, it has the same exact pattern on the hem and arms, despite looking different from each other (exception being the blue sleeve cuffs on the red jersey). If you added blue below the arm striping of the white jersey I think it would look better (in addition to swapping the blue and red on the numbers and nameplate to avoid color imbalance), as well as blue below the striping on the socks.

Rating: 85%

Noah K: Carolina Crown (fictional) Concept

Noah creates a hockey jersey set based on the Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps, which is competitive drum and bugle corps, similar to a marching band and color guard you see in high schools, but separate of any learning institution. Because the uniforms vary every performance, it's hard to design of jerseys based on member uniforms, so I give you credit for trying to build off the brand instead. Unfortunately because of that I see a lot of color balance issues, specifically gold and purple clashing for attention on a black jersey. The striping is too thin to warrant the purple yoke, as well as too low on the arms of the jersey. I'm not sold on the vintage white base color of the secondary jersey either. Especially considering the white nameplate and number outlines on the black jersey.

Rating: 45%

Vaughn R: 2018 All Star Game Concept

An interesting idea here to use design elements in Tampa Bay history to create these jerseys, albeit with different colors, but a couple of issues: 1) The pants make no sense, especially since Tampa has the most unique pattern on hockey pants in all of hockey. 2) The template used for the Metropolitan division concept is wrong for the jersey that was used, as those arm stripes were curved concave to the body of the jersey. 3) The Pacific and Atlantic jerseys are paint-bucket jobs (partially why the latest black alternate was garbage IMO). 4) Under Armour script logo should not be used here, but rather Adidas or at worst Reebok since they were based on Reebok template jerseys. 5) Just for presentation's sake you wouldn't want Stamkos or another Lightning represented on the Atlantic jersey instead of Athanasiou? Not taking anything away from him but the game is in Tampa. 6) Blues logo is outdated. 7) NHL would use the Canucks primary logo unfortunately instead of Johnny Canuck. I like the overall idea but this misses the mark. Side note: Seeing the storm front jerseys represented here would be awesome but I won't hold that against you.

Rating: 50%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week nomination is:



Sorry for the late post this week, between my work and the holiday I have been busy. And by the holiday I mean my brother's birthday so happy birthday to him, Happy Valentines Day from HJC. We love you all.

Except BPoe.

We tolerate him.

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winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Danny R's Bonnyville concept

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